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Production Part Approval Process

Elekta uses a single global PPAP process for approving new or changed parts

Production parts are approved using Elekta's 'PPAP process'. This process is used for new parts, modified parts by engineering change to prove that the changes to the manufacturing process or supply chain are controlled and can ensure that a capable manufacturing process is in place that can meet Elekta's customer and quality requirements. We have an 18 element PPAP process to follow although not all elements are used for every part or change. Your assigned SDQ Engineer will discuss in advance which PPAP elements are required for your part or change, taking into consideration product complexity and risk. Once agreed, Elekta then expects the PPAP evidence to be sent to Elekta for the SDQ Engineer to review and accept before parts are cleared for shipment into Elekta.

Requirement for New or revised PPAPPPAP Level and requirements selectedRequirements negotiated withsupplier and PPAP Plan agreedAManufacturingsite visit requiredAgree and plan a visitto witness productionAgree and plan a visitto witness productionReview all documents,as agreed in PPAPdeliverablesDocuments &records found(includingProduction Run)satisfactionApprovedSign the PSW and clear thepart for regular productionClear PPAP flag in M3Upload all relevantdocuments in Master ControlForward copy of PSW tosupplier for reference &recordEnd of ProcessNot ApprovedInterim ApprovedRejectedAAAgree further action forRe-PPAP either throughDeviation or ECRInform respectivestakeholders andinitiate re-PPAPYESNOYESNO