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Invoicing Process

Elekta has partnered with Coupa to provide suppliers with an easier way to submit electronic invoices. As an Elekta Supplier using Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), you can exchange electronic documents and communicate with Elekta. You can also view documents anytime online and check current statuses.

What is Coupa? 

Coupa is a leading cloud-based tool used by Elekta and other global and local organizations as a procurement and invoicing system. Coupa Supplier Portal allows Elekta to connect directly with you, our suppliers, to enable us to work more efficiently together. This includes electronically sending Purchase Orders (POs) and receiving Invoices.


How we got here

In 2019, we implemented Coupa, a modern system offering much wider and more advanced functionality than our previous purchasing tool.

Our global implementation of Coupa has allowed us to improve our processes and data quality and begin digitization. Now that we have successfully rolled out the system internally, we are pleased to invite you to Coupa electronic invoicing.

You may have already received Coupa electronic Purchase Orders (POs) from Elekta. Now, we ask that you also start to electronically submit your invoices through this same tool.

How Elekta suppliers can send e-invoices

The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free website where our suppliers can create invoices from Elekta orders. In the CSP, suppliers can view all e-POs, e-invoices and check their statuses at any time. This is the most comprehensive way to manage your interactions. You can find instruction on how to use it below, under the “Step-by-step CSP helpfiles” section. Read more about the CSP here.

Supplier receiving POs from the Coupa email address can issue electronic invoices directly from them. That email contains PO details and the "Create invoice" button. Invoices issued via email will be visible in the CSP. Read more about SAN here.

Elekta's suppliers with a CSP account can log in here:

Log in to the CSP

If you are the Elekta supplier and want to join the CSP, please follow this instruction.

Benefits of using Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

  • Electronic invoices simply created straight from a PO
  • Instant invoice transmission to Elekta
  • Convenient, real-time visibility of eDocuments and their detailed information with statuses
  • Improved communications with Elekta’s Accounts Payable team
  • Free-to-use system, with no hardware or software installation required
  • Open POs in web form or HTML

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If you have additional questions that are not answered in training instructions, please review the Q&A section.


A: Updating this type of data in the CSP does not affect Elekta’s database. If you wish to update this data, please contact our business contact.
A: Updating this type of data in the CSP does not affect Elekta’s database. If you wish to update this date, please contact our business contact.
A: After logging into CSP, open the Setup tab at the top. Once the page has reloaded, click the Invite User button, and provide the new user details. You can decide what role the user will play and finish by pressing the Send Invitation button.
A: To view all notifications, click the Notifications text in the upper right corner. To manage notifications, hover your mouse over your name (to the left of the notification text) and click Notification preferences. Once you've made the required changes, scroll down and click Save.


A: Acknowledgment of the order is not mandatory but gives the Elekta buyer a useful confirmation that you have received the order and are willing to complete it. You can confirm the order:
  1. from the PO email by clicking the Acknowledge button.
  2. in CSP by going to Orders> clicking on the PO number in the PO number column> selecting the Acknowledge checkbox.
A: A high-value PO may indicate that in the future Elekta will make further, separate purchases from your company, which will be covered by this one PO.


A: To check the status of your invoice, go to the Invoices tab> find your invoice using the Invoice # column> status can be found in the Status column.
A: Invoices issued through CSP are legal invoices. If the invoice was created incorrectly for too high a value, a credit note is required to correct a part/full amount. For more information on issuing a credit note, please see the help file provided by Elekta on this site.
A: To check the status of a payment, go to the Invoices tab> find your invoice using the Invoice # column and click on the Invoice Number> Scroll-down to the Payment section and click on the chevron icon next to it > Review payment details. Possible field values: Pending Document Approval, Ready to Pay, Externally Paid. Note: An invoice will not be scheduled for payment if the invoice status is not in Approved.
A: Start by creating an invoice, scroll past all cost lines and click on the text "Add line". Fill all required information with a description explaining the reason for the additional costs.