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About Elekta Procurement

Being a partner to Elekta providing cancer treatment all over the world.

“We are constantly looking for supplying partners and can provide us with world class products in terms of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Innovation and Management capacities and capabilities. We need world class partners of Mechatronics, Electronics, Medical & Sources and all types of Indirect Products and Services such as Logistics, IT, Professional Services, IT, Facility Management and Real Estate.”

Steve Wort, SVP and Head of Supply Chain Linac Solutions

Our strategy is to work with long-terms partners, that can be part of our extended supply and value chain to support our profitable growth strategy. Key ingredients of that strategy incorporate:

  • Sourcing on total cost of ownership
  • Risk mitigation
  • Key focus on new innovations, both in terms of products, services, and new business models
  • Sustainability: circular economy, waste management, reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Joint value creation plans with our partners, to benefit our customers and the final patient

Our core values

  • We do what we say
  • We work as one team
  • We keep thinking forward

Our aim is to work with partners to enable value creation together.

Are you interested to work with a leading Med-Tech Corporation and be a partner of our innovative solutions and value offerings, then please contact Elekta Global Procurement or read more at our Partner Panel at www.elekta.com? We look forward working with you!

Our sourcing strategy

Value Sourcing