Particle Therapy

Integrated proton therapy components

Build your proton therapy practice with integrated software, services, and treatment tools.

Establishing a successful particle therapy practice requires as much attention to software components as it does to the selection of a treatment machine. Elekta can help you pull it all together.

Elekta components work together to create the best possible workflow for your proton therapy clinic—regardless of the hardware vendor you choose. Integrated components include:

With dozens of particle therapy installations worldwide, we partner with world-class hardware vendors to deliver a complete solution, including treatment machines from the world’s leading manufacturers. Elekta's open systems operate securely in multivendor, multimodality environments.

Particle therapy systems represent a significant investment. Elekta can help you maximize your return on that investment.

Particle Therapy Treatment Planning

XiO® integrated planning capabilities support the range of treatment modalities electron, photon and proton. Within proton therapy, users can employ the following:

Particle therapy systems represent a significant investment and opportunity. Elekta Particle Therapy solutions can help clinics maximize both.

*Availability pending regulatory clearance in Canada, South Korea and China

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