Soft-tissue visualization for image guidance

Clarity helps you clearly visualize and track soft-tissue anatomy—without extra dose or invasive markers.

Accurate treatment planning and image guidance depend on clear soft-tissue visualization. But the quality of traditional CT images can limit the ability to characterize the target and surrounding structures. So can tumor motion and changes in the size, shape, size and position of soft tissue over the course of treatment.

Clarity improves the ability to see and monitor soft-tissue anatomy—without delivering extra ionizing dose or requiring invasive markers.

Clarity supports RT simulation, planning, and treatment with:

  • Superior soft-tissue visualization
  • Non-invasive, no-dose imaging
  • Fast, accurate IGRT setup
  • Optional intra-fraction tracking

  • Clarity 4D Monitoring for advanced intra-fraction motion management features continuous imaging of the prostate and nearby soft tissue OARs throughout your treatment delivery

  • Avoid extra ionizing dose and costly, invasive implants

  • Fused ultrasound-CT images provides clearer soft-tissue visualization than CT alone without the need of an additional MRI