Precision planning for photon and electron based plans

Monaco delivers high performance and high precision radiotherapy treatment planning for all major treatment techniques for photon and electron based plans.

Its rich, intuitive tools make the radiotherapy planning process faster, easier and clinically reliable.

By combining the superior accuracy of Monte Carlo and Collapsed Cone algorithms with the richness of advanced optimization tools in a modern, intuitive user workspace, Monaco delivers highly accurate 3D, IMRT, VMAT and SRS plans in a single, easy to use solution.

Monaco can handle very complex plans and exquisite dose distribution available in one rotation with its high dose modulation capabilities.

Monaco provides superior quality assurance with Monte Carlo used as the gold standard from which to compare other third party plans. Simply import a plan from any treatment planning system and re-calculate with Monte Carlo for a secondary check.

Key benefits:

  • Complete radiotherapy planning - Photon and Electron based plans

  • State of the art algorithms - Advanced Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo (VMC++)

  • Superior quality assured- Benchmark and QA plans generated with third parties.