Monaco® High precision
radiotherapy treatment planning

Gold standard accuracy at your fingertips

Monaco helps clinicians to provide the highest standard of care. Utilizing biological intelligence and standardized class solutions, Monaco helps clinicians to understand the patient biology while providing fast and efficient planning, optimizing plan creation and treatment delivery workflows.

What's new in Monaco?


Unique Monaco features

  • Biological constraint optimization
  • Voxel based smart tools
  • Smart sequencing & segment shape optimization
  • Dynamic conformal arc therapy (DCAT)

Essential planning features

  • Monte Carlo for photons & electrons
  • 3D — VMAT — Stereotaxy planning capabilities
  • No help structures required
  • Forward and inverse planning capabilities

Biological intelligence

Utilize patient biology to maximize the clinicians intent

“Monaco has consistently provided excellent tumor coverage while meeting our physicians’ very strict OAR tolerances. The Target Penalty cost function and segment shape optimizer allow us to treat more patients with VMAT than ever before, and even our most complex SBRT cases have extremely quick treatment times.”
Christopher Wennerstrom, Kettering Medical Center, USA

Accuracy without the compromise

Monte Carlo Gold Standard XVMC photon algorithm achieves a high level of precision even at tissue interfaces with different densities at speeds suitable for everyday use.

Understand patient biology

Defining the different organ response rates, with constrained biological optimization, delivers a clinical solution without the need for help structures.

Enable high standards for quality of life

Ensure doses to normal tissues are as low as possible to limit the side effects that may occur. Multicriterial optimization with sensitivity analysis removes the trial and error allowing the clinician to understand the intricate relationship between tumor and normal tissue.

Standardized class solutions

Ensure departmental protocols are not just followed but implemented efficiently

“The faster calculation speed for IMRT planning with Monaco version 5.11 has been invaluable for increasing our planning throughput ”
Cassey Pyle, Dosimetry Supervisor, Canterbury Christchurch Hospital

Demand efficiency with expertise

Standardize plan creation, from contouring to optimization with anatomical, plan and isodose templates. Further increase expertise using template manager to share knowledge and implement best practices.

Deliver what you plan

Be confident that patient QA agrees with the planned dose distributions.

Understand the impact of change

Eliminate the overhead of trial and error by knowing in advance the effect of constraint changes to the plan. Voxel based tools and sensitivity analysis give intelligent insight to plan improvements.

Deliver what you plan

Workflow doesn’t end when the plan leaves the TPS

“The excellent dose modulation available with Monaco, combined with the advanced physics design of Agility, removed any limitations due to leaf width and also offered greater brain sparing, which is important for minimising cognitive impairment.”
Odette Cancer Center, Ontario, Canada

Elekta’s High Definition dynamic RadioSurgery (HDRS) solution

Single, multifunctional, high definition dynamic stereotactic AND conventional RT solution that removes traditional constraints of linac-based treatments

Optimize plan deliverability

Enhance throughput by optimizing the deliverability of the plan without losing plan quality with Smart Sequencing and Segment Shape Optimization (SSO)

Adapt into the future

Deliver plan adaptation while ensuring OAR tolerances are never exceeded with bias dose planning.

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