Clinics everywhere are having to adapt to limited contact, in order to reduce the person-to-person contamination of COVID-19. Increasing numbers of clinicians are working remotely. Elekta is here to help you manage the challenges this brings. Effective April 13th, Elekta is offering the following free services for 90 days, enabling you to perform remote workflow tasks with ease.

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Elekta Monaco®

Monaco has been designed to support customers working remotely. To help you scale your remote operation quickly, in order to meet the increased demand, we are offering the following:

  • Increased number of Monaco Sim licenses for our Citrix Users or increased number of Monaco Sim licenses for standalone Monaco users, enabling more treatment planning staff to work from anywhere.
  • Monaco remote connection guidance for those who wish to employ VPN for the first time or those who wish to connect additional systems to VPN.

Elekta ProKnow®

To help teams work better together, regardless of where they are located, Elekta is providing free access to ProKnow.

ProKnow is a vendor agnostic web-based application which enables contouring, plan review, and analysis of patient data from anywhere. Intuitive workflows mean you can get up and running with ProKnow with minimum effort.

Details of the Elekta ProKnow service are outlined in our temporary access agreement. To request a temporary Elekta ProKnow account, complete all sections of this form and attach your signed agreement.