MOSAIQ® Voice Spend time where it matters with voice automation

Easy, fast, precise notes for Oncology

Exclusively for MOSAIQ® users, MOSAIQ Voice is the most sophisticated voice-enabled documentation and automation platform on the market today.

MOSAIQ Voice deeply integrates speech recognition engines into MOSAIQ—but dictation is just the beginning.

Reduce the time needed to create accurate patient notes with MOSAIQ Voice:


Unique MOSAIQ Voice features

MOSAIQ® Voice features fully realize the concept of EHR integration, so you can perform key tasks automatically—right from the note— that otherwise would have to be completed elsewhere in MOSAIQ. This game-changing addition to MOSAIQ streamlines your patient documentation and reduces your workload through a perfect combination of voice, automation and personalized, super-powerful templates.


Essential planning features

  • Enter an unlimited number of assessment items to be captured as discreet data.
  • Automatically create quick orders or capture charges.
  • Start and complete QCLs.
  • Use Auto Chart to enter charting data automatically from your note, making billing and MACRA-MIPS reporting a snap.
  • You can even complete schedules directly from your note.


Puts your voice in command

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“The documentation process is so simple, smooth, and fast now. We see immediate results, and it’s helped tremendously with productivity.”
Tony Freeman
Christus St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center
Santa Fe, NM

Provides fully voice-enabled EHR

The intuitive technology of MOSAIQ Voice uses highly personalized, voice-activated templates to streamline and automate the entire patient documentation process. Instantly complete countless critical tasks, import data, reconcile medications, convert scanned files to text, and much more.

Gives you time back

Designed with specific vocal instructions to control menus and functions within MOSAIQ, taking it far beyond just digital dictation. No more data entry, waiting for paperwork or sending follow-up emails, and no fielding calls about cases you already documented means more time to see patients, conduct research, or spend time with family.

Pays for itself

Some MOSAIQ Voice clients realize ongoing significant cost and time savings in terms of transcription services, elevating detailed data-driven note quality and making everyone— from the front office to the physicians—more productive.

Perfect partner

MOSAIQ Voice utilizes advanced speech recognition and automation technology to expedite real-world clinical operations needed for accurate and complete patient records. Voice empowers MOSAIQ users to navigate using voice commands to create documents that can be dictated, approved and transmitted within minutes of seeing the patient. These capabilities reduce the amount of time needed for data entry and other clinical tasks. It’s perfect for therapists, administrators, nurses, or anybody who heavily uses eScribe.

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