Frequently asked Questions

A: Standalone Monaco users can install Monaco Sim on additional workstations, you must use your media install disc for the installation. Elekta will provide temporary licenses for these workstations. Elekta will send you the license key(s) requested and you’ll load the license. Please submit a request for additional MonacoSim license.

A: Direct Access users can have a maximum of 10 concurrent user licenses. Elekta will increase your number of Citrix licenses to the maximum capacity. Please submit a request for additional licenses.

A: Yes, if your hospital IT department provides access to VPN. You can use Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, etc., to obtain remote access.

A: An administrator can unlock the patient following these steps:

Log into the IP | Start Task Manager | Select the active Citrix user | Right Mouse click and select log off.

A: If you have additional questions, please contact your local Monaco support team.

MonacoSim Access

Prior to completing the request form, please click here for the technical documentations and requirements for installation