METRIQ® Cancer registry data management

Coordinate your entire cancer registry process

METRIQ® data management system coordinates your entire cancer registry process and meets all the standards required to meet various agencies compliance and accreditation. METRIQ has an option for hosting in 24/7 secure environment taking care of all your maintenance, upgrades and technical challenges.


METRIQ Features

  • Remote abstracting
  • Efficient workflow management
  • High-quality data validation
  • Comprehensive population and care analysis

Streamlined Workflow Tools

  • Abstract configuration
  • Follow-up manager
  • User-defined fields
  • Protocol lists and edits processing

Simplifying the cancer registry process

Save valuable time and ensure complete and accurate data

Ease of Use

Simple navigation, intuitive screen displays and helpful keyboard shortcuts speed up the abstracting process


Interoperability & Integration

METRIQ can be configured to import data from MOSAIQ® through MOSAIQ® Connect and from other top EHR sources. Import as often as needed through open source importing file configuration


Effective Follow-Up

Flexible and customizable follow-up manager incorporates letters, status updates, history, labels, actions, schedules and control lists

Automation, efficiency, improved standardization

Reduce operating costs with tools and solutions that support efficiencies


Standards Compliance

Routine updates ensure that METRIQ satisfies current regulatory reporting and accreditation requirements


User Defined Fields

Perform quick customization of data capture for non-required fields and special studies


Multi-Facility & Multi-State

METRIQ is the leader in cancer registry innovation by pioneering support of multi-state databases. Share treatment and follow-up information without duplicating follow-up for patients at multiple facilities

The Power of Knowledge

Better data, easier access and quality benchmarking

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Data Quality

Multiple quality checks incorporate the edit metafiles for on-demand and sequential edits processing. This helps guarantee data records meet applicable regional, national and international quality standards.

Required Reporting

METRIQ provides simple tools used for case reporting for state, provincial, national and international required submissions. Create CP3R reports to perform quality checks before NCDB submission as well as Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS).

Data Analysis

The reports manager provides comprehensive reporting and analysis with more than 150 predefined reports using simple and advanced filter options. The versatile, simple and user-friendly ad-hoc report writers (Query Wizard™ and Data View) provide the flexibility to select the appropriate tool for analyzing data.

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