Data Alliances

Specialized oncology registries.

Power clinical decisions and advance research with registry systems and analytics.

Oncology clinics around the world generate enormous amounts of data. Elekta's registry systems and analysis tools help you ensure policy compliance and provide a rich pool of data for benchmarking and clinical research. As a data alliance member, you can improve practice and patient care at your own clinic, while you help expand the body of knowledge available to the whole oncology community.

The National Oncology Data Alliance (NODA) documents nearly 2.5 million U.S. cancer cases since 1985, including detailed tumor descriptions, treatments (radiation, hormonal, chemotherapy, biological, and surgical), and outcomes. Benchmark patterns of care and conduct population-based research using one of the largest longitudinal oncology databases in the world.

  • Aggregate and interpret outcomes data for improved decision making

  • Examine systemic trends to identify strengths and weaknesses within your practice

  • Combine data from numerous disparate facilities for benchmarking and research

  • Evaluate clinical and administrative data for submission to a regional or national Cancer Registry