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Things are changing rapidly and while we deal with COVID-19, one thing is certain. Our Elekta Oncology Informatics team is here to help you maximize your MOSAIQ workflows to adapt to new operational challenges. Below you can find various MOSAIQ Quick Guides for you to easily reference useful and compact tips.

For instance, does your clinic need to:

  • Create a COVID-19 screening assessment question?
  • Create a pop-up message alerting you to active COVID-19 status when opening the patient chart?
  • Capture codes for telemedicine activity?

You can find all of the above and many more below. Please keep checking back for more information and new updates. Feel free to share the guides and this link with others.

MOSAIQ Quick Guides

Add a Screening Assessment

Create a COVID-19 screening assessment

Add Assessment Table Item

Create a COVID-19 related assessment question, e.g., screening or telemedicine documentation

Add Dedicated Chart Page

Create a dedicated Chart Tab

Add Document Type

Track related Documents

Add ICD Code/Problem

Add COVID-19 ICD code to problems list and assign to a patient

Add Note Type

Add a dedicated Note type

Add Schedule Alert

Add an alert notifying those opening the patient chart from the schedule

Add Schedule Status

Add a custom status to the Schedule to inform staff, track appointments

Billable QCL

Capture codes for Telemedicine activity

Chart Alert

Display COVID-19 status on patient chart

Chart Merge Field Widget

Consolidate assessment history and add new details directly from Chart Viewer

Clinical Trials

Alert clinic and monitor positive patients using Clinical Trials

Download all here

Download all of the resources here

Merge Field Widget

View and add screening from Chart Viewer

Patient Log/Alerts

Create a pop-up message alerting you to active COVID-19 status when opening the patient chart