Elekta Axis

Elekta Axis Cloud complexity, simplified

Cloud complexity, simplified

Elekta Axis is built to manage your complex IT needs and allows you to focus on what matters—your patients. Elekta Axis is powered by Microsoft Azure. This platform benefits from built-in system compliance, data protection and security features. Designed specifically for Elekta software, it can improve performance, scalability and reliability for your clinic. Being in the Cloud can reduce times for bringing new clinics online, test to production cycles and new site onboarding.

Elekta Axis

  • Designed for Elekta oncology software
  • Built and automated on Microsoft Azure

Save on administration

  • Elekta-managed software upgrade deployments put less demands on staff time
  • Reduced need for in-house IT staff to spend business hours on oncology specific system infrastructure and platform systems
  • No need to add specialty staff to focus on Elekta software installation, development, maintenance, software upgrades, etc.
  • Rapid deployment: days, hours, minutes to do something in our cloud versus weeks or months in “customer managed” solutions

Reduce your costs

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  • Lower initial investment due to annual term operational expense
  • Hyperscale your operations only when you need it
  • Reduced need for IT project infrastructure and operations resources
  • No more need for periodic hardware and/or system refreshes due to new software demands or aging equipment

Protect your data

  • Improved data securing using Azure advanced security and AI along with multi-layer threat protection
  • Better data organization leveraging modular infrastructure as code
  • Better data organization leveraging modular infrastructure as code
  • Disk encryption at rest
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Elekta Axis is the intersection of clinical and technical capabilities. It is a single-integrated solution, and with our experts provides a fully managed service that covers your IT infrastructure requirements for our Elekta Oncology Software solutions. Elekta Axis ensures that safeguarding your clinical data is our highest priority. Leverage the power of Axis to boost your software performance and allow for remote working when needed.

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