Elekta Cloud Solutions

Simplify the deployment and management of your oncology software with Elekta Cloud Solutions.

Elekta Cloud Solutions enable oncology departments to drive better customer experience and patient care by unlocking the full power of Elekta Software.

Caring for patients with cancer and neurological disorders is becoming increasingly complex—and increasingly dependent on technology. To provide the best care and stay competitive, you need to know that your IT needs are taken care of.

Elekta Cloud Solutions make it simple.

Developed specifically for oncology departments, Elekta Cloud Solutions lighten the burden of IT acquisition and management, freeing your staff to concentrate on patient care. How? By providing a subscription-based, platform-as-a-service solution that delivers worry-free operations. When your Elekta software is housed in the cloud, you can optimize your system's performance and scale up smoothly, as your needs change—regardless of your clinic's size or your staff's IT prowess.

With our enterprise-class functionality, you can recover quickly from outages and ensure the continuity of treatments. Every dollar your department can save on IT infrastructure, every minute you can save in managing IT operations, can be applied to better patient care. It’s a win-win solution, for you and your patients.

  • Optimize performance and scale your practice

  • Control costs and eliminate unplanned expenses

  • Recover quickly with business continuity services