Patient engagement software

Essential patient communication tools.

Elekta's online engagement tools enhance the flow of communication between patients and care teams, extending your practice beyond the clinic walls. The MOSAIQ Survivorship toolkit and Patient Portal give you new ways to document and share information, keeping patients involved in their own care and capturing progress reports essential to your clinical decision making.

MOSAIQ patient engagement tools help you:

With Elekta's engagement tools, you can open new channels of communication with the patients who depend on you. It's a win-win solution, for you and your patients.

  • Closely monitor patient progress, react quickly to reported problems and adjust treatments accordingly

  • Enable patients to better understand their condition and treatment with clear information and visual summaries

  • Deliver continuous after-care support with MOSAIQ Survivorship tools. Easily build long-term care plans, then track and report follow-up data

  • Reduce call volumes and paperwork by moving many forms, appointment requests, and routine administrative tasks online