MOSAIQ® Radiation Oncology

Efficient care management for radiation oncology.

Keep care teams informed and work flowing smoothly with an integrated information system

Elekta Care Management software helps you efficiently manage all aspects of your radiation oncology program. With MOSAIQ Radiation Oncology, all patient information is collected and accessible, from diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, so you can deliver the best possible care for every patient.

MOSAIQ Radiation Oncology helps you:

Because MOSAIQ software uses a common database for radiation and chemotherapy records, you have a single point of access for patient data—and that's crucial for patients receiving multiple types of treatments.

With Elekta's comprehensive and integrated information system, work can flow smoothly. Clinical teams can make fully informed decisions. And staff can manage day-to-day operations efficiently.

  • Expert pathways streamline the delivery of conventional and advanced radiotherapy treatments

  • Workflows can be automated and customized

  • Spend less time gathering information and more time addressing the best treatment options

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