MOSAIQ® Care Collaboration Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting software

Full MDT visibility

Transform your multi-disciplinary team’s (MDT) ability to collaborate on patient care decisions. MOSAIQ Care Collaboration—MDT aggregates patient information to ensure continuity of care and reduce variation. The platform enables precision and efficiency from each of these aspects to improve cancer care across your organization.

Why Care Collaboration?

Oncology care is complex. We believe every patient case deserves a multi-disciplinary discussion to ensure precision medicine. We also believe each oncology care provider enjoys amenities in this collaborative approach.

Bring together different disciplines and put all data at your fingertips. This collaborative space is designed to be intuitive, oncology specific and swift to deploy.

Ensure continuity, reduce variation and improve outcomes of oncology care with remote access and streamlined workflow.

Building cohesion between teams

Connecting information from multiple systems at multiple sites

Enhanced patient care

  • Capture treatment decisions during meetings easily and intuitively
  • Share and compose multiple sources of data into a layout combining imaging and patient data
  • View MDT specific patient clinical details
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Increase productivity

  • Enjoy an enhanced meeting experience that increases efficiency and effectiveness
  • Collect the information you need with flexible proformas
  • Store details about treatment discussions and decisions back into the electronic health records (EHR)

Reduce costs

  • Take advantage on in-meeting approval workflow for more efficient collaboration
  • Access reports for patients discussed in subsequent or other multi-disciplinary meeting
  • Retrieve patient summary information from MOSAIQ or your EHR for a full picture of the patient
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