Achieve the next degree of precision and personalization with Elekta software.

As clinics become more collaborative and treatments become more personalized, information guidance becomes essential. We believe that clinicians will be able to deliver the most personalized and efficient care when they have:

Elekta software brings together the people, the workflows, and the information clinics need to deliver quality care and run smooth operations. We are committed to delivering software that will help clinicians provide the best possible care—information-guided care—for every patient treated for cancer or a neurological disorder.


Care Management

Elekta Care Management

The Elekta Care Management solution helps you turn advanced technology into advanced care—without the complexity. With unified radiation and medical oncology records, you see a more complete picture of your patients and their care pathways. Elekta provides a single source of clinical truth, accessible when and where you need it, so work can flow smoothly, clinical teams can make more informed decisions, and staff can efficiently manage day-to-day operations.

MOSAIQ Radiation Oncology

Efficient care management for radiation oncology

MOSAIQ Medical Oncology

Efficient care management for medical oncology

Patient Engagement

Essential patient communication tools


Workflow automation and customization tools

Treatment Management

Elekta Treatment Management software enables precision planning, continuous assessment and effective delivery of treatments—whether a patient is prescribed single-dose radiosurgery, brachytherapy, chemotherapy or a course of radiation therapy.

Elekta Treatment Management

With Elekta Treatment Management software, you can:


Precision plans for all major treatment techniques for photon and electron plans


3D Brachytherapy planning  


Automated plan contouring and segmentation


Integrated plan management and dose review

Leksell GammaPlan

Planning for the Leksell Gamma Knife


Precision planning for proton therapy


Integrated stereotactic localization

Particle Therapy

Integrated proton therapy components

Knowledge Management

Every one of your patients generates a new set of data from many different sources: Diagnostic and treatment information. Images and more images. Scheduling, billing, and personal records. It's big data—but it doesn't mean much if you can't put it to use.

Now you can. Elekta Knowledge Management pulls together the data and makes it meaningful. With our suite of cloud-based clinical and business intelligence applications, you can:

Elekta provides a single source of truth with the analytical tools to help you make faster, more confident decisions about your patients and your practice.

Elekta Knowledge Management

MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics

Actionable information to help you enhance patient care, optimise operations and improve cost savings

Image Management

Integrated archives for clinical imaging data


Data management and analytics for registry and evidence-based reporting

Cloud Solutions

Private and secure cloud-based solutions