Elekta IntelliMax® Always connected, always ahead

Confidence that you’ll receive the highest uptime possible

Predictive maintenance and proactive support with Elekta IntelliMax speeds time to resolution and maximizes availability for your Elekta system. Harnessing industry-leading artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms, machine learning and deep learning techniques, IntelliMax enables not only remote diagnosis of Elekta systems, but also predicts issues before they impact you.

Elekta IntelliMax can help you keep patient treatments on schedule through avoided downtime, remote resolution of issues and a high first-time fix rate.

Key facts

  • Typically provides a minimum 2 week warning before a part failure occurs, enabling a proactive resolution at a time that suits you
  • On average, 8 hours clinical downtime avoided per IntelliMax-detected system issue*
  • More than 18,000 of installed Elekta products are connected globally
  • Over 80 countries benefiting from IntelliMax
  • Elekta IntelliMax was awarded the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Star Award 2019 in the category of field service, recognizing commitment to outstanding innovation, leadership and excellence.

* Source: Internal Elekta data


Unique elements

  • Secure Remote Access
    Allows for Secure Remote Access between you and the Elekta Care Support Centers.
  • Proactive Service Cases
    If you have an Elekta Care Service Agreement, we initiate Proactive Service Cases for you when IntelliMax detects there is an issue with your system.
  • Predictive Service Cases
    If you have an Elekta Care Service Agreement, Predictive Service cases are raised when IntelliMax detects a potential issue with your system in the future.

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Dramatically decrease unplanned system downtime

IntelliMax is an essential tool for achieving your Elekta Care uptime guarantee

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Typical clinical downtime avoided per IntelliMax detected service issue*

* Source: Internal Elekta data

Uptime guarantee as part of Elekta Care Service Agreement
Remote access ensures maximum system uptime and clinical availability

Staying ahead
IntelliMax alerts you to issues before they impact your clinical service

Live data
Real time monitoring of linac, process, and service data ensures optimal system uptime

Proven secure technology

Rigorous controls keep your data safe and secure

Privacy by design
No personal health information is transmitted

Customer controlled
Secure and auditable remote access

Dedicated access
Consistency of IntelliMax remote access across the Elekta solution portfolio

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to stop errors before they arise

Remotely diagnose, predict, and correct issues before they impact you

Analysis made easy
Automated upload of key data, log files for preventative/predictive analysis

Stay ahead
Proactive support to resolve potential future issues and maximise uptime

Predictive Intelligence
AI algorithms are constantly analysing system data to learn when your system components are at risk of experiencing future issues