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Clinical excellence through focused learning

Unrivalled access to educational resources and opportunities from day one and every step of the way towards your next clinical milestone.

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Upcoming courses

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Accelerate time to proficiency

Our Elekta Care Learning Journeys are designed to help you reach your clinical milestones more efficiently.

  • With a role-based approach we help you and your team to reach the proficiency required for your specific roles in the clinic
  • Achieve your next clinical milestones in a continuous Learning Journey
  • After reaching a milestone, you can take time to put your knowledge into practice and return to the journey at a later time

Learn from true clinical experts

Elekta Care Learning Partnership programs give you access to a unique network of thought-leading clinical experts with high levels of skill and experience using Elekta products at world-renowned institutions all over the world. 50 clinical consultants have been hand-picked for their clinical expertise and technological acumen. They can offer you personalized guidance in your clinic to ensure a smooth clinical start and workflow optimization for your organization. We partner with over 30 clinical observation sites globally and our Learning Partnership programs include more than 30 clinical practice courses to enable you to push the boundaries of your clinical capabilities, ensuring clinical excellence every day.

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Learn in the ways most convenient to you

From in-person to fully digital

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Elekta Care Learning offers a comprehensive portfolio of onsite, classroom and digital learning opportunities. With multi-modal training options you can learn in ways that suit your preferences and needs. More than 95% of all course can be offered through live virtual or online learning.

  • Join a digital classroom remotely in a live virtual instructor-led training course
  • Learn on-demand through self-directed flexible online learning sessions