AQUA New levels of automation and integration for advanced quality assurance

Departmental quality management integrated without compromise

More sophisticated technology and increasingly complex treatments grow the quality assurance burden within radiation therapy clinics to ensure safe, efficient and effective treatments. AQUA standardizes, streamlines and automates QA procedures across the entire radiation therapy department.

Data backed Assurance

Simplifies QA processes across the entire workflow

“It tests and confirms the safety systems are operational. Knowing the tests are being done, confirming the machine is operating exactly as expected; that gives the team confidence and allows them to push the limits of the technology to really benefit the patient maximally”
David Jaffray, Executive VP Innovation and Technology, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada

Centralize QA compliance

An open, web based design provides easy monitoring and maintenance of all machine Quality Assurance programs across a single clinic or distributed hospital network. The vendor-agnostic approach and the ease of test customization means new devices can be easily integrated into the AQUA ecosystem.

Optimize efficiency

A single, access-controlled interface enables scheduling, monitoring and reviewing of all machine QA procedures and tasks. Process integration and automation simplifies QA requirements and streamlines workflows, increasing standardization and generating significant time savings.

Confidence Assured

The AQUA dashboard allows physicists to remotely monitor the compliance status of equipment across the department at all times. Real alerts indicate equipment that requires attention, ensuring that corrective action can be taken immediately, increasing confidence in machine quality and safety.

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AQUA™ transforms QA workflows and increases understanding of machine performance

Dr. Daniel Létourneau Associate Head of Physics, Princess Margaret Cancer Center Radiation Medicine Program

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