Elekta Assurance

Elekta Assurance Automated and integrated end-to-end QA solutions

The future of QA is effortless

Through Elekta Assurance, we offer a complete suite of easy to use, web based quality assurance tools to help you deliver safe and efficient treatments while reducing admin and non-treatment machine time.

Flexible solutions

Quality assurance for any clinic

Shape to fit your existing solutions

We adapt to your needs. Our vendor neutral and scalable solutions work with a wide variety of treatment machines and QA devices. We have the right solution for you, regardless of department size or existing equipment.

Safety before, during and after treatment

Elekta provides a complete suite of QA solutions, including both Machine and Patient QA. In addition we offer new real-time solutions as well as end-to-end QA for your entire workflow.

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Insight on demand

Access to the data you need, when you need it

Minimize non-treatment machine time

Automated workflows, fast and independent algorithms and phantom-less QA are a few of the features that enable you to focus on results rather than tests.

Accessible data and effortless reporting

Stay in touch with all your QA programs through real-time dashboards and web-based access. Easy-to-use trending and reporting tools make data analysis quick and easy.

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Next level confidence

Pushing the boundaries of QA

Real-time monitoring

QA when it matters most—during patient treatment. The Integral Quality Monitor introduces a truly innovative design which offers outstanding accuracy and effortless workflows.

Support advanced treatments

Advanced QA tools to support adaptive workflows, SRS treatments and the treatment techniques of tomorrow.

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Elekta Assurance

A truly smart physics assistant

  • Centralized and accessible data
  • Efficiency through automation
  • Simplify QA processes across the entire workflow

Safety without complexity

  • In Vivo EPID based patient QA
  • Independent QA for adaptive workflows
  • Fast insights with automated solutions

QA when it really matters

  • Outstanding accuracy by design
  • Effortless quality assurance
  • Real-time during patient treatment

End-to-end stereotactic assurance

  • Confidence for SRS clinical use
  • High resolution 3D dose verification
  • Routine end-to-end QA designed for SRS

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