Elekta Versa HD™

Elekta Versa HD™

Push the boundaries of your stereotactic capabilities

Hypo-fractionated radiation therapy demands the highest levels of accuracy and precision. Versa HD Series with HDRS pushes the boundaries of your stereotactic capabilities. As evidence continues to grow for new radiosurgery indications ensure you have the right platform to empower the treatments of tomorrow.

What's new


Unique Features

  • 6x more modulation per arc
  • SRS treatment in <15 minutes
  • High Dose Rate Mode (FFF)

Essential Features

  • Agility™ high-resolution MLC
  • Advanced 2D, 3D and 4D imaging
  • End-to-end quality assurance

High-definition dynamic radiosurgery

Reliability, accuracy and confidence in SRS and SBRT treatments

“The use of Monaco, with the rapid and accurate Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm, together with the high available modulation that can be achieved using Monaco and Agility allows highly accurate dose calculation, even for very small targets.”
Lip Tech Chew, Chief Medical Physicist
Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore

Sub-millimetric accuracy

Fully integrated HexaPOD™ evo RT positioning system and IntelliBeam functionality provides SRS confidence.

Target more at one time

1 mm virtual leaves and full 40 x 40 cm field size enable fast treatment of multiple and extremely small stereotactic targets.

Treat more patients, faster

Versa HD functionality allows you to perform any SRS/SBRT treatment in a standard treatment slot of 15 minutes or less.

Anatomically guided accuracy

Visualize and treat small SBRT targets without implanted surrogates

“Versa HD will enable even more conformal treatments that should significantly limit normal tissue exposure and decrease side effects. We can deliver these state-of-the-art techniques with Versa HD and do it in such a way that it not only manages [the] cancer, but also minimizes the impact of treatment on [the patient's] quality of life.”
Douglas Einstein, MD, PhD, Chairman of Radiation Oncology Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, Ohio, USA

Non-invasive 4D imaging

See and confidently treat small and multiple targets within the lungs without surrogate markers.

Continuous soft-tissue monitoring

Confidently visualize and monitor the prostate during treatment, without additional dose or implanted markers.

Protect patients

Maintain clinical objectives with Critical Structure Avoidance (CSA) technology from Elekta.

Assure end-to-end confidence

Versa HD provides the highest levels of dose delivery accuracy

“Advanced motion management technologies are critical to facilitate highly accurate and potent stereotactic radiation therapy for early stage inoperable lung tumors. Versa HD integrates these technologies and other solutions – such as 4D image guidance and sophisticated patient immobilization and treatment planning – into a specializes package for lung cancer. For the patient, it will mean a higher therapeutic dose of radiation to the lung tumor, with reduced exposure to nearby healthy tissues.”
Vivek Mehta, MD, Director Center for Advanced Targeted Radiotherapies, Swedish Cancer Institute, Seattle, Washington USA

Total system confidence

We offer a complete suite of QA solutions to help you achieve end-to-end stereotactic assurance.

Evolve stereotactic practices

Advanced patient positioning with 6 degrees of freedom with HexaPOD evo RT robotic couch.

Deliver what you plan

Achieve high accuracy in dose delivery with the gold standard Monte Carlo algorithm.

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University Medical Center, Mannheim

University Medical Center, Mannheim

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Radiation Oncology Kettering Medical Center, Kettering

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