Versa HD™ Versatile, all-in-one
radiotherapy system

Push the boundaries of your stereotactic capabilities

Hypo-fractionated radiation therapy demands the highest levels of accuracy and precision. Versa HD Series with HDRS pushes the boundaries of your stereotactic capabilities. As evidence continues to grow for new radiosurgery indications ensure you have the right platform to empower the treatments of tomorrow.

What's new

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  • Optimized DCAT for Lung and Liver SBRT
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  • Single isocenter high definition dynamic radiosurgery (HDRS) for multiple brain metastases
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  • Accuracy of a single isocenter, multiple brain metastases VMAT plan delivered to an PseudoPatient™ dosimetric gel phantom
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Unique Features

  • Non-invasive 4D image guidance
  • 5x lower leaf transmission
  • 40 cm x 40 cm submillimetric leaf accuracy
  • End-to-end QA accuracy
  • HDRS enables Virtual 1mm leaf width and Intellibeam (Smart Sequencing)

Essential Features

  • High-definition beam shaping
  • Advanced online image guidance
  • True High Dose Rate beam generation
  • High Dose Rate mode

High definition dynamic radiosurgery

The unique combination of Monaco and Versa HD enables treatment of multiple small stereotactic targets with a single isocentre

“If we are talking about treating lung cancer or liver metastases, the faster we can deliver therapy, the less chance for patient motion and, in turn, the more precise therapy will be. The High Dose Rate mode within Versa HD will facilitate that.”
Oscar Matzinger, MD, Hôspital Riviera and<br>CHUV Rennaz and Lausanne, Switzerland

Deliver SRS or SBRT in a conventional time slot

High precision beam shaping with Versa HD’s Agility™ MLC provides 2x faster leaf speed resulting in 60 percent faster treatment times

Reduce intra-fraction motion

High Dose Rate beams shorten the beam-on time by increasing the dose rate – This faster delivery increases treatment accuracy by reducing the risk of intrafraction motion

Improve patient choice

More treatment options are available to patients when any SRS or SBRT treatment can also be delivered in a conventional RT time slot

End to end confidence

Achieve lower critical structure and body doses with 4 – 5x lower transmission

“Versa HD will enable even more conformal treatments that should significantly limit normal tissue exposure and decrease side effects. We can deliver these state-of-the-art techniques with Versa HD and do it in such a way that it not only manages [the] cancer, but also minimizes the impact of treatment on [the patient's] quality of life.”
Douglas Einstein, MD, PhD, Chairman of Radiation Oncology Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, Ohio, USA

Reduce non-essential doses

4 – 5x lower transmission through Agility™ MLC helps clinicians achieve lower critical structure and body doses

More available dose for planning

Lower leaf transmission provides more usable dose to the clinician aiding dose escalation protocols

Overcome stereotactic complexity<br>with HDRS

High definition dynamic radiosurgery using Versa HD in combination with Monaco® ensures that the dose planned is the dose delivered, providing confidence in superior treatment quality

Anatomically guided accuracy

Optimize accuracy with anatomical solutions

“Advanced motion management technologies are critical to facilitate highly accurate and potent stereotactic radiation therapy for early stage inoperable lung tumors. Versa HD integrates these technologies and other solutions – such as 4D image guidance and sophisticated patient immobilization and treatment planning – into a specializes package for lung cancer. For the patient, it will mean a higher therapeutic dose of radiation to the lung tumor, with reduced exposure to nearby healthy tissues.”
Vivek Mehta, MD, Director Center for Advanced Targeted Radiotherapies, Swedish Cancer Institute, Seattle, Washington USA

Visualize more anatomy

Advanced 4D image guidance provides visualization of previously invisible tumors that were obscured due to motion, increasing treatment precision

Implement efficiency with confidence

Optimized workflows, for all imaging techniques offer true online guidance bringing simplicity to complex motion and ensuring fast and efficient workflows

Reduce departmental overheads

Physician input at the time of treatment is reduced through protocol driven decisions

See The Evidence

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AQUA demo admin

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AQUA demo review

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AQUA demo tester

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AQUA tips 1 - Creating a new machine

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AQUA tips 2 - update test baseline tolerances

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