Elekta Unity Two worlds, one future.

Elekta Unity integrates the best of two worlds to create a new paradigm in cancer care

Uniting high-field 1.5T MR imaging, precision radiation therapy and intelligent software without compromise, Elekta Unity provides a tailored solution for the new field of magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT). The combination of technologies enables you to see and track the target, including changes in tumor position, shape and biology, and provides the real-time information you need to respond immediately—all while the patient is on the table.

What's new

Unique elements


Capture diagnostic-standard images at the time of treatment

“I believe radiotherapy guided by real-time MR imaging will replace conventional radiotherapy in the near future.”
Jan Lagendijk, PhD, Professor and Head Radiation Oncology,</br>Department of Radiotherapy / Centre for Image Sciences, University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Usher in a new standard of care with crystal-clear imaging during advanced radiation therapy

Deliver uncompromised, highly-targeted, precisely-dosed therapy through simultaneous MR imaging and radiation

Inspire confidence with an innovative platform, developed through extensive research and collaboration with global clinical and technology partners

Personalized precision therapy

Allow daily radiation therapy plans to be tailored to individual patients every time you treat

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“Reducing treatment volumes and sparing healthy tissue is a critical factor in improving the care and outcomes for patients treated with radiation therapy.”
Arjun Sahgal, MD, Deputy Chief, Department of Radiation Oncology,</br> Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Canada

Adapt to tumor position and shape in real time

Respond to tumor changes using superior insights through intelligent software

Ensure clinical intent provided through physician-driven protocol

Extraordinary potential

Unique potential to usher in a new era of cancer care

“Bringing this technology into a clinical setting will be a profound step forward in a new era of personalised radiotherapy, with significant potential to improve patient outcomes.”
Prof. Uwe Oelfke, Head of the Joint Department of Physics,</br>The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and</br>The Royal Marsden, London, United Kingdom
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Expand your treatment offerings and opportunity to target hard-to-treat cancers

Go beyond anatomical imaging with precise biological radiation therapy

Unlock the future continuum of scan, plan and treat with intentional design and technological readiness



Shaista Hafeez, PhD: "Game-changing innovative technology"

William A. Hall, MD: "Personalized Radiotherapy"

Jan Lagendijk, PhD: "See what you treat"

Professor Uulke van der Heide, PhD: "A paradigm shift"


Elekta Unity has CE-mark and 510(k) clearance but not commercially available in all markets.

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