Elekta Infinity™ linear accelerator

Elekta Infinity™ linear accelerator

Flexibility redefined, truly multifunctional

As the role of radiation therapy in cancer care grows, clinics need to offer a wide range of techniques for different indications. Elekta Infinity is truly multifunctional. High-quality treatments powered by advanced technology provide the freedom to tailor your solution to your clinical needs.

What's new


Unique Features

  • High-definition beam shaping
  • Combination of fast leaves and High Dose Rate mode
  • Real-time leaf positioning

Essential Features

  • Multifunctional platform
  • Ultra-low MLC leakage
  • Predictive maintenance

Clinical Freedom

Infinity gives you the clinical freedom to do more for your patients.

“Elekta Infinity completely satisfied our desire for a multi-functional linac. Moreover, to meet our requirements for the accuracy and speed needed for SRS, SBRT and VMAT”
Ricardo Ruggeri MSc, Head of Medical Physics
Centro de Oncológico Integral’s, Neuquén, Patagonia
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Redefine flexibility

With all the capabilities you need in a single platform, Elekta Infinity allows you to expand your radiotherapy program and can help you meet clinical goals for every patient, every time.

Full field, high definition beam shaping

Agility MLC provides superior target conformance across full 40 x 40cm dynamic field.

Introduce stereotactic programs

Advanced image guidance and delivery tools allow you to reduce the margins and treat with stereotactic precision.

Uncompromised Performance

High-quality treatment with faster throughput

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“Elekta Infinity, equipped with Agility™, facilitates the delivery of sophisticated image-guided treatments for a variety of patients. The high performance of Agility and VMAT not only offers reduced treatment times, but it can also increase patient throughput. Patients will also benefit from the more precise adaptation to target volumes and, thus, increased sparing of organs at risk.”
Bjarke Mortensen, M.Sc, Head of Medical Physics
Veijle Hospital Veijle, Denmark

Fast dynamic treatments

Infinity delivers >2x faster* leaf speeds enabling patients to be treated more rapidly.

*Data on file – Based on published Elekta/Varian spec sheets.

Reduce non-therapeutic body dose

The combination of ultra-low MLC leakage and High Dose Rate Mode (FFF) helps you safeguard surrounding tissue while delivering high dose to the target.

Confident dose delivery

Real-time leaf positioning and monitoring gives you reliable high-performance precision.

Optimized Efficiency

The workhorse you need now to maximize your departmental performance

“Treatment was delivered perfectly with Elekta Infinity. I can tell you the therapists were absolutely thrilled and immediately had numerous recommendations of patients they thought would benefit from VMAT, and that was based primarily on the time efficiency of delivery.”
David R. Asche, MS Director of Physics and Engineering - RAS Radiation Oncology Centers, Sacramento, CA, US
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Work effectively, increase throughput

Elekta Infinity provides the unique combination of rapid leaf speed and High Dose Rate Mode allowing over 40% faster treatments*.

*Data on file – Based on published Elekta/Varian spec sheets.

Protect and treat faster with IntelliBeam

Perform highly modulated deliveries with faster arc treatments.

Stay optimized and available

IntelliMax monitors your system’s status in real-time to provide proactive support and predictive maintenance to avoid machine downtime.

Our HD editions

Accuracy, speed, quality


Our unique high-definition packages—now available across our family of digital accelerators—are designed to ensure more patients can access high quality treatment.

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Intelligent, high-definition, high-speed treatments

IntelliBeam is a high definition dynamic volumetric arc delivery technique only possible with the unique combination of Elekta digital accelerators and Monaco® treatment planning—allowing intelligent, high-definition and high-speed modulated treatment delivery.

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Fast start-up and optimized performance

SureStart is an advanced QA package that supports fast clinical start-up and allows you to optimize and maintain long-term performance of your digital accelerator in an efficient manner—enabling you to deliver treatments with confidence.

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Enhanced workflow efficiency and user experience

MOSAIQ® Plaza, Elekta’s patient centric, integrated software suite, is designed to work seamlessly with Elekta’s radiotherapy systems to delivery comprehensive, cost-effective treatments. This technology helps drive efficient daily practice and connectivity to bring people and information together.

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