Elekta Infinity™

Elekta Infinity™ Comprehensive image-guided radiation therapy system with VMAT

Flexibility redefined, truly multifunctional

As the role of radiation therapy in cancer care grows, clinics need to offer a wide range of techniques for different indications. Infinity is truly multifunctional. High-quality treatments powered by advanced technology provide the freedom to tailor your solution to your clinical needs.


Unique Features

  • Multifunctional platform
  • High Dose Rate mode
  • 4D imaging

Essential Features

  • 0.5% transmission through MLC
  • Real-time leaf positioning
  • Predictive maintenance

Clinical Freedom

Elekta Infinity gives you the opportunity to bring clinical flexibility to your clinical practice

“Elekta Infinity will give us a competitive advantage over other centers in our area. In addition, the ability to treat with the highest degree of accuracy will benefit our patients greatly.”
Kyle Antes, MS Director and Chief Physicist</br>Presbyterian Cancer Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
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Redefine flexibility with a single multifunctional platform

Different treatments and anatomy require different approaches to enable precise, reproducible targeting of the tumor. Use deep inspiration breath hold to immobilize internal anatomy for margin and volume reduction while maintaining a comfortable position for the patient

Remove boundaries with 15% more dynamic delivery field size and 10% more patient clearance

Have the freedom to treat using coplanar and non-coplanar treatments due to larger patient clearance and open gantry design

Expand treatment capabilities by introducing stereotactic programs

Introduce stereotactic treatments with a high level of accuracy by using 4D IGRT to account for systematic errors caused by motion. Visualize small tumors that can be invisible with conventional 3D imaging and ensure accurate margin reduction while escalating dose

Uncompromised Performance

Intelligent beam shaping through intelligent design

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“Elekta Infinity equipped with Agillity™, facilitates the delivery of sophisticated image-guided treatments for a variety of patients. The high performance of Agility and VMAT (with continuously variable dose rate, CVDR) not only offers reduced treatment times – reducing the uncertainties due to intrafractional motion – but it can also increase patient throughput. Patients will also benefit from the more precise adaptation to target volumes and, thus, increased sparing of organs at risk.”
Bjarke Mortensen, M.Sc, Head of Medical Physics</br>Veijle Hospital Veijle, Denmark

Make dynamic treatments routine with > 2x faster leaf speeds

Improve patient comfort by dramatically reducing delivery time to < 2 minutes in some cases. Shorter treatment times also reduce the possibility of inaccuracies resulting from patient movement – speed is an essential element in accurate treatments

Lower non-therapeutic dose with 6x lower transmission

With ultra-low dose and rapid beam shaping, deliver radiation only where you place it. With real-time, point-to-point monitoring you can be confident of safeguarding surrounding tissue and reducing risks associated with radiation

Confident dose delivery with real-time Rubicon Technology

Remove beam hold-offs and uncertainties due to mechanical error by using real-time information, confident that leaf accuracy will be maintained regardless of delivery technique

Optimized Efficiency

Maximize departmental efficiencies while reducing the bottom line

“Treatment was delivered perfectly with Elekta Infinity. I can tell you the therapists were absolutely thrilled and immediately had numerous recommendations of patients they thought would benefit from VMAT, and that was based primarily on the time efficiency of delivery.”
David R. Asche, MS Director of Physics and Engineering</br>RAS Radiation Oncology Centers, Sacramento, CA, US
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Higher throughput with > 40% faster treatments

High Dose Rate mode IMRT treatments can be delivered in a standard treatment slot to improve patient throughput. While the speed of the MLC can limit dynamic deliveries, the combination of Agility and High Dose Rate mode overcomes this potential limitation

Streamline treatment planning with out-of-the-box <a href="#">RTOG protocols</a>

Standardize plan creation, from contouring to optimization with anatomical, plan and isodose templates. Further increase expertise using template manager to share knowledge and implement best practices

Over 80% of Elekta linacs benefit from predictive and proactive support to maximize system availability with <a href="#">Elekta Intellimax™</a>

Avoid unplanned downtime by using Elekta IntelliMax to provide securely controlled remote access that enables proactive support and predictive maintenance. Avoiding unplanned downtime ensures departmental efficiency and can help boost your bottom line through avoided downtime, first-time fix rate and reduction in parts consumed

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