Elekta Axesse™ radiation machine

The future of radiotherapy lies in more personalized treatment. Personalized radiotherapy treatment is essential to creating better outcomes for patients and depends, above all, on dose placement accuracy and treatment versatility. Axesse provides clinicians with more accuracy and precision to focus the right dose in the right place.

Enhanced accuracy brings many clinical and operational benefits that make Axesse a versatile radiotherapy and stereotactic platform.

Shorter delivery times when compared to previous technology—73 percent for brain mets, 62 percent for lung SBRT and 62 percent for liver SBRT reduction in delivery time

The ability to start a stereotactic program offering new treatment options to patients, in addition to more common delivery techniques

Expansion of established programs to reach more challenging targets, including brain & spine SRS/SRT and SBRT for the lung, liver & prostate providing improved treatment for patients



Key features

High-definition dynamic radiosurgery (HDRS)

The unique combination of the Agility high-definition, full-field (40 x 40cm) and the Monaco treatment planning sytem allows up to 1,024 dynamic control points providing highly conformal SRS and SBRT treatments to be delivered in a standard treatment slot

Latest intelligent digital control system

Complete control over multiple treatment critical parameters provide smooth & efficient dynamic delivery particularly for high-dose SRS and SBRT applications

High dose rate beam generation

FFF beams have the same penetrating power as equivalent-energy FF beams while reducing scatter, simplifying beam modeling, and increasing dose rate. In High Dose Rate mode, Axesse delivers targeted high doses in a short period of time to ensure patients have the safest, most comfortable treatment.

Advanced image guidance & motion management

Symmetry 4D – non-invasive, anatomically guided 4D imaging enables accurate motion management without implants or surrogate markers for lung treatments. Treatment delivery is possible with only small margins needed during free breathing, making free-breathing techniques an option for patients with respiratory issues.

Clarity® Autoscan - uses non ionizing ultrasound (rather than surrogates) to continuously monitor target anatomy for prostate treatments, reducing intrafraction motion effects and supporting advanced hypofractionation techniques that require reduction in planning margin. Non-invasive soft-tissue visualization is safer, simpler and lower cost than implant procedures

Accurate patient positioning & immobilization

Integrated robotic 6D positioning enables submillimeter positioning accuracy plus six degrees of positioning for full translational (x, y, z) and rotational (roll, pitch and yaw) control.


Please contact your local Elekta representative or authorized Elekta distributor for availability or more information.

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