Leksell GammaPlan® -
Functional Planning

Software module for functional target localization

Functional Planning, an optional software module for use with Leksell GammaPlan, facilitates target localization.

The AC-PC line can easily be defined in 3D space regardless of the imaging plane(s) in which it is located. The patient’s images can then be realigned with the AC-PC line so they are truly axial, coronal and sagittal, making them easier to reference with different brain atlases.

Frame attachment is also facilitated since perfect frame alignment with the AC-PC line is no longer necessary.

Targets can be localized by using formulas based on distances from the AC-PC line. The corresponding stereotactic coordinates are automatically calculated.

  • Define AC-PC line easily in 3D space

  • Refer to brain atlases with ease

  • Facilitate frame attachment

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