Leksell GammaPlan®

Leksell GammaPlan® Integrated treatment planning for Gamma Knife

Precision and efficiency in treatment planning

Leksell GammaPlan makes full use of the Gamma Knife radiosurgery technology and is specifically designed to meet radiosurgery needs. Based on Leksell stereotaxy principles, Leksell GammaPlan offers safe and efficient workflows for both frame-based and frameless treatments.

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Unique Features

  • Fully integrated with and tailored for Gamma Knife
  • Online adaptive dose control
  • Re-planning with dose summation

Essential Features

  • Fast and intuitive dose planning
  • Image workspace supporting multiple images modalities
  • Interoperability with DICOM RT

Power to your planning

Complete complex plans in minutes

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Fast and intuitive dose planning

Quick dose planning, even for complex cases such as multiple brain metastases, is made possible with real-time inverse planning and dose sculpting features

DICOM RT interoperability

Leverage data generated by external systems through DICOM RT interoperability

Flexible image oriented workspace

Supports DICOM image studies obtained from MRI, CT, CBCT, and PET scans as well as X-ray angiograms

Online adaptive dose control

Automatically corrected dose plan according to patient position

“If the patient moves, in a few seconds, the GammaPlan software automatically adapts the plan to the new position of the patient’s head and displays the dose distribution before and after this automated recalculation. This allows the physician to identify any discrepancies between the initial plan and the recalculated plan according to the new patient position.”
Dr. Jean Regis, Neurosurgeon La Timone Hospital, France
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Automatically corrected dose delivery

Dose is automatically corrected according to patient position thanks to high definition motion management technology

Advanced dose evaluation

Online dose evaluation tool allows for efficient plan review and adjustment

Fully automated treatment delivery

Complete device and treatment simulation as well as full system integration with Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™ and Perfexion™

Safe and efficient workflows

Based on stereotaxy principles

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“The ability to fractionate treatments has allowed us to expand the case mix, for example to patients with tumors that are situated close to critical structures, allowing such patients to benefit from the superior dosimetry of Gamma Knife.”
Dr. Dheerendra Prasad, Neurosurgeon and Radiation Oncologist. Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA

Flexible and well-defined workflows

Well-defined, safe and efficient workflows on both frame-based and frameless treatments, single and multiple targets as well as single session and fractionated treatments

Adaptive treatments

Re-planning tools with dose summation facilitate plan adaptation of fractionated and staged treatments

Clinical confidence and ease-of-use

Leksell GammaPlan is specifically designed to meet radiosurgery needs and allows physicians to tailor a treatment for a specific medical condition


  • Sophisticated 3-D matching
  • Interactive visualization of atlas structures
  • Advanced functional target verification

Inverse Planning

Create a dose plan with only a few clicks

  • Speed your planning
  • Take full advantage of the available power
  • Administer higher doses
  • Gain complete surgical control
  • Enjoy ease-of-use


Confident dose calculation in heterogeneous tissue

  • Precise dose calculation in heterogeneous tissue
  • Powerful complement to TMR
  • Flexibility to choose TMR or Convolution


Speed up and optimize your planning

  • Plan more efficiently
  • Treat complex targets
  • Reduce time spent in clinic
  • Achieve higher dose conformity


Experience increased versatility

  • Share data easily
  • Plan with flexibility
  • Expand connectivity


A new dimension in planning

  • Manage multiple treatments
  • Plan days before surgery
  • Follow up with full control
  • Enjoy freedom in planning


Complete the picture

  • Plan with frameless images
  • Fuse images easily
  • Facilitate optimal image interpretation
  • Define more targets

Functional Planning

  • Facilitate frame attachment
  • Define AC-PC line easily in 3D space
  • Refer to brain atlases with ease

See the evidence

Leksell Gamma Knife: Treatment Planning of a Multiple Metastases Case

Leksell Gamma Knife: Treatment Planning of a Multiple Metastases Case

Leksell Gamma Knife: Treatment Planning of a Vestibular Schwannoma Case

Leksell Gamma Knife: Treatment Planning of a Vestibular Schwannoma Case

Treatment Plan: Trigeminal Neuralgia

Treatment Plan: Trigeminal Neuralgia

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