Leksell GammaPlan®

Treatment planning software for Leksell Gamma Knife®

Leksell GammaPlan is an integrated treatment planning software for Gamma Knife radiosurgery. It has been developed in collaboration with professionals who use the system, and allows physicians to tailor a treatment for a specific medica condition.

Significant features include:

  • Real-time forward- and inverse-planning tools make it possible to complete complex plans in minutes
  • Safe and efficient workflows are ensured by full device integration and treatment simulation
  • Support for multiple images and modalities (MRI, CT, X-ray angiography, PET and MEG) in a flexible workspace
  • Support for multiple simultaneous users and clients to the online patient database
  • Interoperability with other systems provided through standard interfaces (DICOM and DICOM RT)

Leksell Gamma Plan - integrated treatment planning software for Gamma Knife radiosurgery

Today, Leksell GammaPlan has two versions:

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