Elekta's stereotactic radiosurgery

Elekta's stereotactic radiosurgery

Non-invasive, precision technology for personalized care

Stereotactic radiosurgery is increasingly used to replace other therapies in cancer care and neurological disorders. Elekta’s innovations in radiosurgery ensure you have the right solution at hand to meet the growing needs of efficient, personalized care.

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Leksell Gamma Knife Icon

A new era in intracranial radiosurgery

“As a multidisciplinary neuro-oncology team, we have been impressed by the dose distribution that can be achieved by Gamma Knife technology. In addition, Icon will allow frameless solutions and offers the opportunity to apply fractionated radiotherapy, further contributing to a more personalized approach.”
Dr. Marcel Verheij, Radiation Oncologist, AVL Hospital, The Netherlands
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Clinical confidence

Consistently accurate and precise treatment delivery and no need for margins.


Outstanding performance

Designed to ensure maximum availability with a fully integrated system design.

Stand out with the best

Icon is specifically designed for and the clear choice for intracranial radiosurgery.

Versa HD

Push the boundaries of your stereotactic practice

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“Linac-based SRS [for brain metastases] allowed this patient to benefit from faster treatment, with reduced risk of neurocognitive decline, resulting in immediate subjective improvement of symptoms and lesion regression 3 months post treatment”
Key Statements from Case Study by Geetanjali Cancer Centre, Udaipur

High definition dynamic radiosurgery

The unique combination of Versa HD and Monaco enables stereotactic treatment of any anatomy in a standard treatment slot.


Anatomically guided accuracy

Visualize more anatomy with 4D image guidance and optimized workflows for all imaging techniques.

End-to-end confidence

Plan, patient and machine QA protocols combined with gold-standard Monte Carlo accuracy provide complete stereotactic assurance.

Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion

Treatment without incision delivered with surgical precision

“Perfexion has fundamentally changed the way we practice and the way we plan for a patient’s care”
Rebecca Heitkam, R.N.Unit Director, Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta
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Proven accuracy in every step

With as few moveable parts as possible Gamma Knife radiosurgery provides pinpoint accuracy and outstanding results.

Smooth and seamless workflow

The system digitally integrates diagnostic images, treatment planning and dose delivery into a seamless information flow.

Reaching new heights of excellence

Deliver highly effective and efficient treatment, at reasonable cost, with as little trauma to the patient as possible.

Elekta Axesse™

New Intelligent RT Platform

Right MDT

Connecting experts to personalize patient care utilizing Cloud platform

Right Patient

Innovative software designed to integrate patient and treatment data seamless

Right Delivery

Brings most advanced and intelligent technology on one platform to deliver fast and precise treatments