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Leksell GammaPlan

Integrated treatment planning for Leksell Gamma Knife

Precision and efficiency in SRS treatment planning

Leksell GammaPlan is a sophisticated treatment planning and management software specifically designed to meet your intracranial radiosurgery needs. It provides specialized tools that make full use of the advanced technology in this integrated system, while ensuring safe and efficient workflows.

Flexible workflows expanding possibilities for SRS

Leksell GammaPlan supports a range of frameless and framebased workflows for treatment planning and delivery with Gamma Knife.

Leksell GammaPlan® 11.4

Improved usability for enhanced planning experience

Automated treatment planning with Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning

Meeting the increased demand for automated and personalized intracranial SRS

Treatment Planning - Anytime, anywhere

Collaboration and treatment planning is made easy with Leksell GammaPlan Remote

  • Access, review, approve and share plans
  • Collaborate remotely
  • Boost productivity

See the evidence

Find out how Leksell GammaPlan is used in clinical practice

"This is where Lightning has been a game changer. It takes the stress out of planning. Not only does it save planning time for physicists, but it also means less waiting for patients and consultants because the whole process is much faster”

Benjamin Earner, Principal Physicist
HCA Healthcare UK