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Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning

A simple solution for accelerated radiosurgery

The next-generation treatment optimizer

Meeting the increased demand for automated and personalized intracranial SRS

Lightning can be used to do most of the heavy-lifting, with the final ‘sculpting’ and optimization of the dose distribution being hand-crafted by the medical physicist, neurosurgeon or radiation oncologist.

Ian Paddick, Director

Medical Physics Ltd., UK

Ian Paddick

Assured quality

Designed to ensure even novice users can create high quality plans quickly and consistently

Simplifying SRS treatment planning

Supporting clinical decision making

Gamma Knife Icon

We are very confident that the algorithm produces very accurate plans. There is very little or no adjustment needed usually and we are very happy with the quality of the plans.

Dr. Guus Beute, Neurosurgeon

ETZ Hospital, The Netherlands

Dr. Guus Beute

Accelerated treatment

Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning facilitates the reduction of treatment delivery times

The optimizer enables reduced BOT while maintaining or even enhancing the plan quality compared to forward plans with automated shot optimization.

M. Spaniol et al Inverse planning in Gamma Knife radiosurgery: A comparative planning study

Phys Med. 2021 Mar 8;82:269-278. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2021.02.019

Manon Spaniol

A simple solution for accelerated radiosurgery

80% reduction in planning time*

50% reduction of beam-on-time*

Easy to use interface and quick optimization

Personalized treatments for each patient

*Sjölund, J., Riad, S., Hennix, M. and Nordström, H. (2019), A linear programming approach to inverse planning in Gamma Knife radiosurgery. Med. Phys., 46: 1533-1544. doi:10.1002/mp.13440

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