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Versa HD

Radiation therapy is constantly evolving. Push the boundaries.

Push the boundaries of your stereotactic capabilities

Cancer treatment is shifting from terminal to chronic disease management. This requires faster, more cost-efficient as well as safe and precise treatments for all patients.


Linac as a dedicated SRS solution

The Versa HD brain metastases solution, High-Definition Dynamic Radiosurgery (HDRS), offers unique sequencing capabilities—turning your linac into a dedicated SRS solution.

  • High-definition delivery for small targets
  • Faster treatments with fewer and shorter arcs
  • Robust template-based plan optimization
  • Frameless SRS/SRT with continuous SIGRT monitoring
  • End-to-end stereotactic accuracy
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Hear from expert-in-their-field clinicians on the need for SBRT/SRS, the challenges they face and how technology can support them in delivering high-quality, precision care.

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Lung SBRT in less than two minutes

The Versa HD lung SBRT solution utilizes a delivery option unique to Elekta—Optimized Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy (DCAT)—and anatomically guided, device-free 4D tumor position visualization.

Patient-friendly prostate SBRT

The Versa HD solution for prostate SBRT leverages robust anatomy-based plan templates with multicriterial optimization and next-generation beam sequencing.

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