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MR-guided online adaptive radiation therapy (MRgRT) for rectal cancer

Preserve rectum with daily precision

Safely escalate dose for organ preservation

Treatment for rectal cancer typically involves a course of radiation therapy in combination with chemotherapy and/or surgery. Conventional, CBCT-based treatments provide limited image resolution at the time of treatment, requiring the use of large safety margins due to target and OAR motion. This also limits dose escalation and the potential for a complete pathological response.

There is growing interest in MR-guided radiation therapy (MRgRT) to reduce RT-related toxicity and allow dose escalation approaches. This could increase the likelihood of complete clinical response and reduce the need for surgery. With Elekta Unity you can:

Safely escalate dose to the tumor and consider more rectal cancer patients for organ preservation strategies.

Clinical benefits

Elekta Unity MR-guided radiation therapy for rectal cancer

With superior real-time imaging and daily online plan adaptation, Elekta Unity allows you to safely escalate dose to the tumor and consider more rectal cancer patients for organ preservation strategies.

  • Improve local control with safe, anatomy-adaptive dose escalation
  • Use smaller margins to spare healthy tissue and reduce side effects
  • Preserve rectal function and improve quality of life
  • Offer an effective alternative to surgery
  • Assess and adapt to early treatment response
Contouring and dose plan on T2W acquired on Elekta Unity MR-Linac

See the difference for rectal radiation therapy treatments

Clinical evidence

Learn more about how MR-guided radiation therapy is benefiting rectal cancer patients.

With Unity, we can offer our rectal cancer patients a new treatment option that promises a good quality of life, especially in cases when surgery would require the placement of a colostomy.

Prof. Cihan Gani
University Hospital, Tübingen, Germany

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