MR-guided radiation therapy for prostate cancer

Reduce margins. Reduce fractions. Preserve function.

Continuous MR imaging reveals just how much the prostate moves and changes shape between and during fractions. This mobility challenges treatment accuracy and precision. While margins account for uncertainties, irradiation of healthy tissue can result in toxicity and associated side effects.

Elekta Unity MR guided radiation therapy allows you to see the prostate and surrounding organs clearly as you treat, enabling you to respond to change and motion, and to adapt the plan for each patient and every fraction. With Elekta Unity you can:

Reduce margins with certainty. Reduce number of fractions to 5. Preserve quality of life and erectile function.

Clinical benefits

Elekta Unity MR-guided radiation therapy for prostate cancer

Elekta Unity allows clinicians to treat even the most challenging prostate SBRT cases with low toxicity.

  • Use smaller margins to spare OARs and reduce toxicity
  • Complete prostate SBRT in 5 fractions or less
  • Increase efficiency with fiducial/spacer-free treatments
  • Enhance patient comfort with shorter courses and fewer side effects
  • Personalize treatments with advanced imaging capabilities
Clinician preparing patient for treatment on Elekta Unity

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Clinical evidence

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Elekta Unity enables us to test more ambitious strategies for prostate cancer treatment so we may cure prostate cancer in just two fractions.

Alison Tree, MD
Consultant Clinical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr. Alison Tree

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