MR-guided radiation therapy for oligometastatic disease treatment

Treat small targets with certainty

Local ablative therapy for hard-to-treat targets

Oligometastases are metastatic tumors, limited in number and location, for which local ablative therapy could be curative. These small, often mobile, soft tissue tumors can be hard to see at the time of treatment with conventional imaging techniques, making them difficult to target accurately. As a result, they are often treated using systemic therapy with its many associated side effects.

MR-guided radiation therapy allows you to see small oligometastases and surrounding anatomy as you treat, enabling you to deliver ablative doses to hard-to-treat oligometastases accurately and with small margins. With Elekta Unity you can:

See clearly to make precise local ablative therapy possible for hard-to-treat oligometastases.

Clinical benefits

Elekta Unity MR-guided radiation therapy for oligometastatic disease treatment

With exquisite soft tissue visualization, online plan adaptation and comprehensive motion management, Elekta Unity allows you to:

  • Deliver highly conformal ablative doses with extreme accuracy
  • Spare healthy tissue and reduce side effects
  • Increase patient eligibility for radiation therapy
  • Avoid surgery and reduce systemic therapy for small targets
  • Deliver SBRT–even single fraction RT–with certainty
Highly conformal dose on T2W MRI (Elekta Unity MR-Linac)

See the difference for patients with oligometastatic disease

Clinical evidence

Learn more about how MR-guided radiation therapy is benefiting patients with oligometastatic disease.

Now we can really deliver ablative doses in those complex cases of multiple metastases from renal cell carcinoma in the pancreas, which is not possible on conventional treatment machines.

Prof. Dr. Martijn Intven

UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Martijn Intven

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