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MR-Guided radiation therapy for liver cancer

Deliver SBRT with certainty

Deliver ablative doses. Reduce margins.
Offer fiducial-free treatment.

Liver tumors pose unique challenges in radiation therapy due to their difficult visualization on CT scans without contrast. Additionally, inter- and intrafraction target motion often requires large margin extensions, complicating the delivery of ablative doses (≥75Gy BED10) needed for successful treatment.

High-field MR-guided radiation therapy (MRgRT) allows superb visualization of the tumor and OARs, without the need for implanted markers or contrast. The ability to adapt to small changes in patient anatomy enables clinicians to optimize and escalate dose. Together with real-time tumor tracking and automatic gating this enables the use of small margins - even for mobile targets - and sparing of healthy tissue, such as liver parenchyma. As a result, MRgRT potentially reduces toxicity compared to traditional CBCT approaches and opens avenues for curative-intent radiotherapy in patients with difficult-to-treat liver tumors. With Elekta Unity you can:

Safely deliver ablative doses. Reduce margins with certainty. Offer a non-invasive alternative to surgery with fiducial-free treatment.

Clinical benefits

Elekta Unity MR-guided radiation therapy for liver cancer

With superior soft-tissue contrast, precise target identification and online adaptive treatment, Elekta Unity allows you to deliver SBRT with certainty and enhance outcomes for liver cancer patients.

  • Safely deliver ablative doses with curative intent
  • Accurately target mobile tumors with inter- and intrafraction motion management
  • Spare sensitive structures, such as liver parenchyma, and reduce side effects
  • Offer non-invasive treatment and increase patient eligibility

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Clinical evidence

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Real-time tumor tracking during treatment delivery gives us the confidence that we target mobile liver tumors accurately and minimize geographical miss.

Deleep Gudipudi
MD, Yashoda Hospitals, India

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