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Elekta Unity is an MR-Linac with continuous, anatomy specific MR imaging and comprehensive motion management for precision radiation therapy.

With Unity you can see clearly, can adapt to change and be certain you are delivering the treatment you prescribed.

Every time.

Elekta Unity

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Dose optimization




The certainty of


See what you could never see before with anatomy-specific MR imaging

Uncompromised system design with 1.5T MR
Clear visualization of targets and organs at risk
New possibilities for personalized treatment with Biology-guided radiation therapy (BgRT)
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3 3 D Vane

See what you could never see before with anatomy-specific MR imaging

Uncompromised design

Our uncompromised approach to magnet design ensures Unity delivers real-time, diagnostic quality 1.5T MR imaging, even during gantry rotation

Elekta Unity Room With Technology Cutout

Pancreas T2 Nav

Pancreas T2 Nav

Abdomen 3D Vane XD

Abdomen 3D Vane XD

Pelvis cine

Pelvis cine

Head and Neck cine

Head and Neck cine

Brain T1w

Brain T1w

Brain T2w

Brain T2w

Brain T2 FLAIR

Brain T2 FLAIR

Visualize the target and OARs with certainty

With the versatility of a library of optimized, anatomy specific imaging sequences, you have the right options for each patient to visualize the target and OARs clearly and with certainty

See difficult to visualize structures

Our imaging sequences, optimized for high contrast, high resolution and speed will allow you to even see difficult-to-visualize structures. See small oligomet nodes, low contrast lesions, intra-prostatic lesions, urethra, neuro-vascular bundle and seminal vesicles clearly

Fiducial-free liver SBRT treatment

Fiducial Free


Fiducial Free 2


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Biology-guided RT

And as a practical and clinical platform for Biology-guided RT, Unity can drive further personalized treatment based on the patient’s biology.

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Improve outcomes with reduced margins and safe dose escalation

Manage interfraction and intrafraction motion
Reduce margins and safely escalate dose
Fully adaptive system–adapt each and every fraction
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Clinicians looking at MR scans

Online adaptive with Comprehensive Motion Management

Market-leading diagnostic quality imaging with powerful algorithms and technology to quantify movement and correct for it automatically, as it happens.

  • More than simply Automatic Gating for precision treatments
  • Freedom to choose the right motion management strategy for every patient
  • Seamlessly integrated workflow

50 Gy in 5 fractions led to excellent 1-year local control with no severe toxicity

Kathryn R. Tringale et al, Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology 24, 2022

Stereotactic ablative radiation for pancreatic cancer on a 1.5 Telsa magnetic resonance-linac system. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.phro.2022.10.003

Improve local control

Elekta Unity combines accurate, diagnostic quality MRI with precise radiation delivery—a unique combination which provides superior soft tissue visualization of the relationship between the tumor and surrounding anatomy allowing you to confidently escalate daily dose.

The escalated treatment dose is focused on the tumor at every moment, leading to increased protection of healthy tissue and providing opportunities for better outcomes and fewer side effects.

Reduce toxicity

Advanced organs at-risk sparing

The Unity system’s unparalleled accuracy helps you to reduce margins without risk to healthy tissue, increasing dose effectiveness while decreasing side effects

Onboard 1.5T MRI allowed us to visualise and target a recurrent seminal vesicle lesion which would have remained occult on CT. We were confident we were treating the lesion and could do so with a reduced PTV margin.

Dr. Christopher Rumley. The Townsville Cancer Centre, Townsville University Hospital, Australia

1.5 T Mri

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Treat more patients with fewer fractions

Hypofractionation for shorter treatment courses
Integrates into existing clinic workflow
Remote access for efficient contouring and plan approval
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A clinician sets up a patient for treatment on Unity

Treat more patients with simplified and intuitive MRgRT stereotactic radiotherapy

  • Unity opens up the possibility of shorter treatment courses through hypofractionation and fast MRgRT fraction times
  • Unity is a high productivity system and can deliver SBRT treatments in 25 minutes
  • For prostate cancer, for example, Unity can deliver stereotactic treatments in just 2 fractions

Using ultra-hypofractionated MR-guided radiotherapy you are able to deliver prostate treatments in just two fractions*

The Institute of Cancer Research - Royal Marsden Hospital 

 * 24 Gy in 2 fractions (boost to 27 Gy over tumour/prostate CTV). HERMES trial.

Case Img 1 Case Img 2

Remote access

Review, adapt and approve plans from anywhere

Review, adapt and approve stereotactic MR-guided online adaptive radiation therapy plans from anywhere, with remote online access. Unity Remote provides remote access to the Unity console allowing clinicians to review and approve online adapted plans from any device, anywhere—enabling the clinician to see the online treatment planning system as though they were at the console.

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Deliver the best treatment today, and tomorrow

Comprehensive onboarding and dedicated support
Disease-site best practice protocols for success from day one
Experts by your side throughout system lifecycle
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Clinicians setting up Unity

By your side for a smooth start

Elekta Unity is backed by comprehensive training and go-live support, with our experts by your side throughout the system lifecycle to optimize results today and tomorrow. With the possibility of system installation in just 10 weeks, along with comprehensive go-live support and disease-site best practice protocols, you're equipped for success from day one.

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Learn from every patient treated

Join peers sharing treatment data and best practices
Shape treatment standards of care to improve outcomes
Benefit from MOMENTUM, the largest registry for adaptive RT
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Alison Tree holding a speech on stage during a MR Linac Consortium event

Progress through collaboration

MR-Linac Consortium

Unity is not just a system–it gives you access to our experienced and open MR-Linac Community for peer support, making you part of the present and future of RT. Join radiation oncology peers sharing treatment data and best practices. Comprehensive training programs and peer-to-peer programs are offered to upskill your department and drive workflow efficiency. Elekta Unity is a result of expert collaborations, and its progress continues to be shaped by world-class minds and unrivalled experience.

Dr. Alison Tree speaks on the MR-Linac Consortium


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