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Elekta Unity

Elekta Unity allows you to see what you could never see before

See the difference

Elekta Unity is our ground-breaking MR-Linac technology. It brings together diagnostic quality MR imaging with a Linear Accelerator to deliver unprecedented visibility and precision - truly enabling personalized radiotherapy.

  • Real-time uncompromised MR visualization with 1.5T diagnostic quality MRI scanner throughout the treatment and beyond
  • Tumor response assessment with biological MRI capabilities in the online environment
  • Efficient Online MR based plan adaptation workflow
  • Best-in-class 7MV FFF linear accelerator, high speed slip ring gantry
  • High speed, high resolution MLC
  • Elekta MR-Linac Consortium

So this is what I really call opening your eyes. No MRI (scan) for three months to an MRI every single day.

Dr Arjun Sahgal

Sunnybrook Hospital, Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto


See what you could never see before

Elekta Unity has the potential to improve clinical outcomes. What if you could see what you could never see before?

  • Shorter treatment courses
  • Non-invasive treatments
  • Reduce toxicity
  • Improve local control
  • Increasing eligibility for radiation therapy
  • New possibilities

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Going live with Elekta Unity

The START Unity implementation program consists of 5 primary steps. Each step focuses on achieving your next implementation milestone as efficiently as possible while ensuring your team are prepared to achieve the highest clinical standards with your Unity system moving forward.

Efficiency and Excellence from the START.

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