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Elekta Unity

See the difference

See the difference

Elekta Unity allows you to see what you could never see before. With unparalleled visualization and precision, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Radiation Therapy. But this is just the start.

Imagine if you could...

  • See the difference with diagnostic quality MR imaging during every treatment
  • Treat moving targets and spare healthy tissue with certainty and confidence
  • And have the freedom to choose multiple approaches to do this, best suited to your patient
  • Lead today and be ready for tomorrow, with future-proofed technology

Comprehensive Motion Management

Market-leading diagnostic quality imaging with powerful algorithms and technology to quantify movement and correct for it automatically, as it happens.

Elekta Unity with Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) is CE marked and pending U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance, with limited global availability.

Improve clinical outcomes

Elekta Unity has the potential to improve clinical outcomes. What if you could see what you could never see before?

  • Shorter treatment courses
  • Non-invasive treatments
  • Reduce toxicity
  • Improve local control
  • Increasing eligibility for radiation therapy
  • New possibilities

See the evidence

Find out more about Elekta Unity and how it is being used in practice

Going live with Elekta Unity

The START Unity implementation program consists of 5 primary steps. Each step focuses on achieving your next implementation milestone as efficiently as possible while ensuring your team are prepared to achieve the highest clinical standards with your Unity system moving forward.

Efficiency and Excellence from the START.

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