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Elekta Synergy®

For confidence in a system that is simple and reliable, a foundation for your future growth

Proven technology for everyone, everywhere

Clinics are required to deliver high-quality, high-volume treatments with increasingly challenging access to capital and resources. Elekta Synergy® is the perfect foundation to establish your pathway to the innovations that have revolutionized cancer care around the world.

Elekta Synergy

Inspires confidence

We designed Elekta Synergy® to be to be a simple and accessible radiation therapy solution. Reliable image-guidance technology provides confidence in simple or complex treatments for everyone, everywhere.

Simple and reliable

Stay current

Stay working

Stay cost effective

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Foundation for the future

Designed for the needs of growing clinical practices.

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By your side

Elekta Care is your partner for success. Our people and technology keep you running reliably and efficiently while helping you to optimize outcomes and grow your practice. We are by your side to support you now and deliver a lifetime of high performance and progress.

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