TROG 2019 SBRT Pancreas Plan Study (High Performer Summary)

March 18, 20196 minute read

This article pertains to 2019 TROG Plan Study: SBRT Pancreas. If you’re looking for the Radiosurgery Society’s 2019 RSS: SBRT Pancreas results, please click here.

ProKnow and TROG offer our sincere thanks and congratulations to all those who participated in this latest international plan study. This was an SBRT pancreas case with challenging metrics and plan scoring based on the MASTERPLAN protocol.

In this article, we present a list of participant names, institutions, and plan details for some of the highest performers for this study. The TROG team presented results on March 15 at their meeting in Australia, but there they announced only the names of the top scorers in the Australia and New Zealand regions. Here, we publish the following:

  1. Top 20% overall by total plan score
  2. Top 10 VMAT
  3. Top 3 IMRT
  4. Top 3 Robotic
  5. Top 3 Proton
  6. Top 5 Students

Table 1. Top 20% across all submitted plans, based on total plan score.

Planner information, plan details, and performance summary are given. The #TH1 and #TH2 columns represent the number of metrics (out of 25) where the minimum threshold for scoring and ideal threshold were met, respectively (see note, below), and the final column is the total plan score.

Note: We heard that some participants were confused by the “min req” terminology printed on the plan scorecard summaries in each row, i.e. per metric. For each metric, that was meant as the minimal threshold for scoring for that metric but did not imply that threshold absolutely had to be met for the plan to be considered. Each metric’s relative importance/priority was captured by each metric’s weight (max points) and score function. We will make this more clear in future plan studies, and we will also introduce the option for plan study clinical teams to specify “critical metrics” for which the lower threshold value must be met or else the total plan score will be zero.

ParticipantRoleInstitutionCountryTPSModality# BeamsMVMU# TH1# TH2Score
Simon HeinzePhysicistKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT106FFF40262420144.53
Perumal MuruganPhysicistSri Shankara Cancer Hosp. & Research CentreIndiaEclipseVMAT410FFF66852420143.83
Dinesan ChinnaiyaPhysicistShri Sankara Cancer HospitalIndiaEclipseVMAT410FFF66422419143.70
Gajendran NPhysicistRegency Healthcare, Kanpur (India)IndiaEclipseVMAT46FFF31872417143.00
Friedemann HerberthPhysicistKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT136FFF87952419142.87
Wesley GrovesDosimetristChancellor Center for OncologyUnited StatesEclipseVMAT56FFF37592418142.85
Jonathan StenbeckPhysicistPrisma HealthUnited StatesEclipseVMAT410FFF29712419142.30
Richard “Able” ShoresPhysicistGreenville Health System (Greenville, SC)United StatesEclipseVMAT410FFF27162415142.24
DAI JIAQIPhysicistElektaChinaMonacoVMAT96FFF72762418142.19
Yuuta MiyakeOtherElektaJapanMonacoVMAT410FFF + 6FFF59872418141.88
Daniel PapworthTherapistGenesis Cancer CareAustraliaEclipseVMAT56FFF34632417141.74
Frank SimacDosimetrist21st Century OncologyUnited StatesEclipseIMRT (Dyn)121557462518141.42
Tomas ProchazkaPhysicistMasaryk Memorial Cancer InstituteCzech RepublicEclipseVMAT410FFF40822417141.35
Michael MastDosimetristCommunity Howard Regional Health / RTUUnited StatesEclipseIMRT (Dyn)1718226162519141.23
David Littlejohn, CMD, RT(T)OtherVarian Medical SystemsUnited StatesEclipseVMAT710FFF50722521141.17
Christopher PeckPhysicistSCL Health St. Vincent’s Frontier Cancer CenterUnited StatesCyberKnifeRobotic3630122415141.01
James O’TooleTherapistGenesis Care Mater HospitalAustraliaEclipseVMAT410FFF30692418140.88
Scott SenickPhysicistVarian MedicalUnited StatesEclipseVMAT910FFF45942519140.85
MURALI GOVINDARAJPhysicistKailash cancer Hospital and research centreIndiaEclipseVMAT46FFF44262417140.80
Vanessa MagliariDosimetristVarian Medical SystemsUnited StatesEclipseVMAT610FFF36942520140.48
James HenryDosimetristWK Cancer CenterUnited StatesRayStationProton3(Variable)2520140.46
Dalibor LojkoPhysicistOUSA BratislavaSlovakiaEclipseVMAT610FFF32402414140.33
Sathana APhysicistRegency Healthcare, KanpurIndiaEclipseVMAT66FFF29622419140.32
yasuyuki nakagawaOtherElektaJapanMonacoVMAT410FFF59872418140.19
Drew GranatowiczDosimetristNebraska MedicineUnited StatesEclipseVMAT410FFF50892518140.10
Bruce HaTherapistPeter MacCallum Cancer CentreAustraliaEclipseVMAT510FFF39492520140.07
Kai Leung LiTherapistSt Teresa’s Hospital Oncology CentreHong KongEclipseVMAT46FFF51792416140.02
Andrew LeTherapistRoyal North Shore HospitalAustraliaEclipseIMRT (Dyn)1310FFF116072416140.01
Shae GansDosimetristNorthwestern MedicineUnited StatesRayStationProton4(Variable)2417139.94
Eugene HoldmanPhysicistNational Cancer CenterBelarusEclipseVMAT210FFF28152520139.31
Mark ArendsPhysicistRIFThe NetherlandsRayStationVMAT46FFF22422418139.20
Catherine VogelesangTherapistOlivia Newton John Cancer Centre | Austin HealthAustraliaMonacoVMAT4667092316139.20
Paul BarryDosimetristElektaMonacoVMAT21033462416139.16
ROLLAND JulienPhysicistIPC CHICASFranceRayStationVMAT41246742417139.13

Table 2. Top 10 plans using volume-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) beams.

ParticipantInstitutionCountryTPSModality# BeamsMVMUScore
Simon HeinzeKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT106FFF4026144.53
Perumal MuruganSri Shankara Cancer Hosp. & Research CentreIndiaEclipseVMAT410FFF6685143.83
Dinesan ChinnaiyaShri Sankara Cancer HospitalIndiaEclipseVMAT410FFF6642143.70
Gajendran NRegency Healthcare, Kanpur (India)IndiaEclipseVMAT46FFF3187143.00
Friedemann HerberthKantonsspital St.GallenSwitzerlandEclipseVMAT136FFF8795142.87
Wesley GrovesChancellor Center for OncologyUnited StatesEclipseVMAT56FFF3759142.85
Jonathan StenbeckPrisma HealthUnited StatesEclipseVMAT410FFF2971142.30
Richard “Able” ShoresGreenville Health System (Greenville, SC)United StatesEclipseVMAT410FFF2716142.24
DAI JIAQIElektaChinaMonacoVMAT96FFF7276142.19
Yuuta MiyakeElektaJapanMonacoVMAT410FFF + 6FFF5987141.88

Table 3. Top 3 plans using intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) beams.

ParticipantInstitutionCountryTPSModality# BeamsMVMUScore
Frank Simac21st Century OncologyUnited StatesEclipseIMRT12155746141.42
Michael MastCommunity Howard Regional Health / RTUUnited StatesEclipseIMRT171822616141.23
Andrew LeRoyal North Shore HospitalAustraliaEclipseIMRT1310FFF11607140.01

Table 4. Top 3 plans using robotic (CyberKnife) delivery.

ParticipantInstitutionCountryTPSModality# BeamsMVMUScore
Christopher PeckSCL Health St. Vincent’s Frontier Cancer CenterUnited StatesCyberKnifeRobotic363012141.01
Jan KonieczekThe London ClinicUnited KingdomCyberKnifeRobotic2642390135.58
Ben BH YAP5D ClinicsAustraliaCyberKnifeRobotic6133.58

Table 5. Top 3 plans using proton beams.

ParticipantInstitutionCountryTPSModality# BeamsMVMUScore
James HenryWK Cancer CenterUnited StatesRayStationProton3(Variable)140.46
Shae GansNorthwestern MedicineUnited StatesRayStationProton4(Variable)139.94
Daniel BryantRBWH CANCER CARE SERVICESAustraliaEclipseProton8(Variable)137.90

Table 6. Top 5 plans submitted by planners who are currently students.

ParticipantInstitutionTPSModality# BeamsMVMUScore
Bo FanThomas Jefferson UniversityEclipseVMAT36FFF3787134.69
Ruiwen LiUniversity of Thomas JeffersonEclipseVMAT4102877133.89
Samantha MadeksiakThomas Jefferson UniversityPinnacle3VMAT263381132.67
Chelsea VickeryThomas Jefferson UniversityEclipseVMAT2103316132.05
James Brandon MullinsPitt Community CollegeEclipseVMAT4102726131.19