The Contouring Accuracy Program is Here…Sign In and Try It Out Today

July 26, 20162 minute read
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Today we’re extremely excited to announce the official launch of our Contouring Accuracy Program.

The goal of the Contouring Accuracy program is to establish an industry-wide quality assurance program for contouring that will help ensure that this crucial skill is measured, evaluated, and continually improved for each clinician and across all critical body sites. ProKnow helps us get there.

Some key features of our Contouring Accuracy Program:

  • Interactive, Built in Contouring
  • Powerful and Objective Scoring
  • Potential for Continuing Education Credits

To celebrate the occasion, and to say “Thank You” for being part of our growing community, we’ve released the Glottic Larynx (Glottis) to all current and future ProKnow users for FREE, which includes not only access to the interactive contouring tools but also comprehensive background and learning materials. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be working hard and preparing the first structure available for purchase and for future CE Credits: The Brachial Plexus. Until then, we encourage everyone to login to your ProKnow account (if you don’t have one now’s a good time to create one) and begin contouring and scoring your first structure, redo and practice as many times as you like, and make use of the learning material provided to better your score each and every time.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a walk through video of the Contouring Accuracy Program.

View the Demo Video Now

Ready to jump right in and get started with interactive contouring?

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