Q&A Sessions for Industry Planning Systems

April 6, 20172 minute read

Calling All TPS Users

This Happened, and It Was Cool!

A pretty neat thing happened after we finished up our “peer educator” interviews for the 2017 Head & Neck plan. One of the top performers, Jon Stenbeck, (who was, in fact, the highest point scorer for that study) told us that he would be happy to do a “live” question and answer session geared towards Eclipse users.

Well, we liked that idea – and we loved Jon’s enthusiasm – so we put out some feelers to build an expert panel of three high performers for that study. We found three gracious volunteers, each who achieved excellent plan quality using slightly different strategies. The expert panel was Jon Stenbeck, Vanessa Magliari, and Thomas Constantino.

On March 31, we had a lively and content-rich meeting and fielded submitted and “live” questions, which by all accounts was well-received. Couldn’t make it? No problem, we recorded it and you can hear it and watch it all here.

What about the Other Planning Systems? What’s Next?

Jon volunteered and happened to use a specific TPS, so we ran with it. But remember this: ProKnow is vendor-neutral and wants to help everybody! We have no biases. In a nutshell, we make it our mission to connect the wires between good science, important skills, objective tools, and community education, with the goal to continually improve quality (and awareness) in the field of radiation therapy.

So, what, and who, is next?

Have you shown your prowess by scoring high on ProKnow plan studies and would like to field some “live” questions from your peers around the world?

Or, are you an employee at another vendor and want to make sure your TPS is represented in these Q&A webinars?

If so, just contact us. Send us an email. Or give us a call. We’re here to facilitate the sharing of ideas and successful techniques.

We’re all part of a bigger team, so let’s go for it. Let’s do great things, together.