Public Plan Study or Contouring Workshop Application

Do You Want to Lead a Public Plan Study or Contouring Workshop?

October 9, 20171 minute read

ProKnow’s public plan study program and contouring accuracy studies are scientific philanthropies through which we wish to connect the international radiation oncology community, design useful studies, collect valuable data, and ultimately share best practices.

We provide public studies for free to the organizers, scientific/clinical leaders, and all participants provided the goals are (1) well-formed, (2) the potential impact is high, and (3) the eventual distribution of findings is free to the community.

Is your research team or organization interested in designing a public planning or contouring study? Are you hosting an international, national, or regional scientific meeting where a strategic plan study or contouring workshop would add value to attendees?

If so, please fill out the following form and submit to ProKnow for consideration. If accepted, we will provide our tried-and-true cloud-based technologies as a plug-and-play solution to enable you to achieve your goals.

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