ProKnow’s Statistical Analysis for the 2016 SBRT Prostate Now Live!

June 21, 20162 minute read

Thank you for the great participation in the 2016 AAMD/RSS Plan Study. The SBRT prostate case introduced a topic of immediate interest, and it certainly catalyzed many good conversations at both the AAMD and the RSS meetings.

As promised, as of today the “Statistical Analysis” feature has been turned on for this plan study. To see your plan’s performance for the total plan score or any sub-metric, simply do the following:

  1. Sign in to ProKnow
  2. Go to “Plan Studies” and filter by “All Studies”
  3. Select the 2016 AAMD/RSS Plan Study
  4. Navigate to the “Statistical Analysis” tab

There, you can use the selection box (upper right) to select which metric you wish to examine. If you submitted a plan, your plan’s result will be highlighted in orange on the population histogram.

Also, we have received many requests for the data presented by Ben and Keitt at the AAMD meeting. This talk included many special statistical analyses (by modality, by TPS, by clinical role, etc.). We were happy to see such interest, so we have saved that presentation as a PDF and you can download it here . We will also be working with some of the clinical planning team and submitting the results as a publication in a peer-reviewed journal in the coming months.

Stay tuned for updates about new ProKnow plan studies coming soon.

Learn more about the advanced plan scoring methods that you can use for all of your patient plans, with PlanIQ™ from Sun Nuclear Corporation.

Also, look for the upcoming release of ProKnow’s “Contouring Accuracy Program,” a cloud-based set of reference imagesets, contouring tools, accuracy scoring, and performance tracking, complete with CE credits for each study.