Plan Study Updates

January 18, 20171 minute read

Well, it is certainly an active time for studying radiation therapy plan quality. Here are two important updates:

1) SBRT Spine Plan Study (for TROG 2017).

Data submission is still open until January 31st, 2017 for this important single-fraction SBRT study. Analytics show that so far over 100 plans have been collected from seven (7) different planning systems. Make sure you participate in this unique case study. And remember, every public plan study is your opportunity to earn accomplishments on your ProKnow achievement report and earn points towards digital badges.

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2) TG244 Head & Neck Plan Study (for QADS 2017).

A team of authors is working hard to assemble all the results for the TG244 Head & Neck plan study. They say the results are very interesting, and that the international participation by almost 240 planning & QA teams will help produce a valuable publication. The focus will be on achievable benchmarks, for both plan quality and dose calculation accuracy. ProKnow will release the population results and valuable peer education media on Feburary 18th, 2017, which is the same day as the presentation of results in Orlando, FL. Stay tuned, and, as always thanks for your interest in improving performance through study and sharing of best practices.