New Enhancements and Structure Data

August 25, 20161 minute read

Since the ProKnow Contouring Accuracy Program released last week, we’ve been hard at work incorporating new features, enhancements, and content, most of which has been driven by user feedback. We’re excited to let you all know that:

  • We’ve added our first subscribers-only practice structure: a Left Brachial Plexus. As soon as you’ve practiced on the right one, try this one to test your skills.
  • We now display both the StructSureTM Score and Dice Coefficient in the scoring banner.
  • You are now able to download certificates for each structure that you complete (you’ll find a new button on both the “Contour and Score” and “Re-Do and Practice” tabs titled “Download Certificate”).
  • We added a legend to the analysis windows, explaining solid vs. dashed lines and our color coding of voxels.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback thus far; we love hearing all of your ideas and comments. Also, don’t forget about our integrated ratings and comment system, the easiest way to let us know what you think.

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