2018 AAMD Contouring Workshop

May 29, 20183 minute read


The 2018 AAMD Contouring Workshop will be an interactive, 2-hour session focusing on contouring critical organs-at-risk (OAR) of the female pelvis. The workshop will combine organ-specific lectures, hands-on contouring, and data analysis, and will be a general session for all attendees of the 2018 annual meeting in Austin, TX.

There are two phases of the workshop: (1) the pre-meeting contouring exercises and (2) the general session at the meeting.

Pre-Meeting Contouring Exercises

All meeting registrants will be able to access ProKnow’s cloud-based tools to contour a subset of critical organs on a high-quality CT image set. The organs are the anorectum, bladder, sigmoid, small bowel, and uterocervix. For each organ, users will be able to compare their contours to the contours provided by the physician lecturer, Aaron Kusano, M.D. Users will be able to see the calculated similarity metrics (StructSure™ score and the Dice Coefficient) and interactively visualize three-dimensional (3D) comparisons in axial, sagittal, and coronal views.

In-Person General Session (Austin, TX)

The in-person workshop takes place as a general session at the annual meeting, scheduled on Sunday, June 17, at 1:10 p.m. For each of the featured organs, we will do the following:

  1. We will first ‘turn on’ the population analytics for the organ in order to examine patterns of both consensus and variation.
  2. The physician will lecture on the anatomy and function of the organ, with a focus on contouring methods and tips.
  3. All attendees who have a laptop will then contour a few slices of the organ “live” during the session using ProKnow, and we will immediately study the anonymous population results visually.

The above process will be repeated for each organ, time permitting.

What To Do (Meeting Attendees Only)

What To Do: Now

All 2018 AAMD meeting attendees should contour five specified organs using ProKnow. Note: This exercise is for meeting attendees only.

Follow the steps below to do your pre-meeting contouring. The deadline for your contours is the end of the day, Saturday, June 16.

  1. Sign in to ProKnow. (If you do not have a ProKnow account already, follow the steps to create one. It’s free.)
  2. Select “Contouring Accuracy” from the top menu.
  3. In the “Select Organization” drop-down menu, select “AAMD.” There, you will see the small library of the five organs available to contour for the workshop (see the image below). Workshop Howto
  4. Contour each organ. You do not need to download or upload any data, and you will not need access to your work computers or contouring system. Just use the ProKnow online contouring tools. (If you have not done this before, here is a support article and tutorial video.)
  5. After you contour and submit each organ the first time, you can re-contour as many times as you want for practice. Just use the “Re-Do and Practice” module. Note that the “Learn” tab will not have the video of the physician walkthrough and organ lecture, because this will be presented live at the meeting.

What To Do: At Meeting

As explained above, we will do some real-time contouring at the meeting, using the same five organs but from a different patient image set. For the sake of time, we will just do a few slices per organ.

What you need to do to prepare is simple: bring a laptop and mouse to the general session! We will use the meeting Wi-Fi and ProKnow tools to complete these exercises.